Exercise 17: 5 days of Inspiration and Motivation

“As a Man thinketh in his heart, so is he” Proverbs 23:7

If I ask you, what gets you excited?

The answers from 27% Success Club members around the world would vary.

  • A sporting event
  • Riding an amusement park ride
  • The birth of a child
  • The growth of your garden
  • A soccer game
  • Driving fast in a car
  • Singing Karaoke

The list goes on and on. So let me ask you, when do you get excited about your business? Before you continue reading, answer that question for yourself. When do you get the most excited about your business? Most will say after attending an event, or listening to a corporate call, or reading a book, etc.



Personal self-talk creates ALL MOTIVATION!

Two people can be at the exact same sporting event, riding the same amusement park ride, singing the same Karaoke song for the same audience, driving 140 MPH in a car, etc. etc. etc.

The same experiences create different emotions, for different people based only upon their INTERNAL SELF TALK. If you are inspired, it is because of your self talk, if you are discouraged it is because of your self talk, if you are fired up it is because of your self talk.

When you control your self talk, you control your life. You can be inspired and excited about your business daily, it is your choice. Most people base their feelings about their business around outside circumstances. They treat
themselves like an up and down emotional Yo Yo on a string. The challenge for the next 5 days is simple. If you do this for 5 days, you can choose to do it for 5 more. Live 5 straight days of inspiration regarding your life and your business, and yes you control it all!

I know this sounds simple, so why not take the 5 day challenge. Spend 5 straight days of being inspired and excited about your business no matter if the circumstances outside about your business no matter if the circumstances outside of you are fantastic or they stink.

27%ER Coach
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  1. robertrhomes@gmail.com

    I already use self talk everyday and have been doing so for years I use self talk to keep me motivated!

    1. catherineadarko@gmail.com

      I have been doing the same, Robert for many many years.

  2. jorenbymacy069@gmail.com

    Robert Rhomes you are such an inspiration to everyone that know you. I know you are to me. I need to self talk more positive things. I have to do better.

  3. diedra.stinson@gmail.com

    It’s funny that just 2 hours ago, I made a Facebook post about how my own self-talk created the best 3 years out of the awful experience of a cancer diagnosis and treatment and subsequent recovery. I still struggle physically & energetically, but it is my self-talk that has made a joy of my life. Praise God. It will be no problem doing the 5-day challenge since it is already a habit.

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