How many techniques are your currently using to create

After your launch you need to have a least 5 lead generation methods you are using on a daily, and weekly basis. Honestly you need to be adding new lead generation methods all the time. This is something I have done my entire career and will continue to do.

The goal is to create enough leads each month to personally, consistently add 5 new customers/team members each month, so you can 100% control your future. Those who can consistently recruit five new customers/team
members each month control their destiny in the network
marketing business model.

We want to encourage you to add a new lead generation method this week and continue this process until you have reached 5 a month goal. Last night I was listening to a training outside of the network marketing industry in the land buying niche. The gentleman said every month he mails out 600 letters to land owners who may want to sell their property. He said each month he gets a 1% -3% response rate, which translate to five to 20 leads.
He ends up doing a deal with about ½ of those who respond. All marketing and lead generation is math!

Your Play 1 and Play 2 are what they are.

At this point, it is just a matter of how many leads you can create on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. X Number of People Contacted = Reasons Fulfilled What method(s) can you add this week?

Drop Cards
Facebook Ads

Funded Proposals
Safe List
Bandit Signs
Craigslist Ads
3-Foot Rule

I also want to encourage you this week to review the 5 Core Fundamentals of Network Marketing this week.

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  1. robertrhomes@gmail.com

    What method(s) can you add this week?

    Using Cash Juice For Leads

    I want to make a very special shout out to Darren Merrett and Cash Juice this week we hit our 25,000th member. I have been friends with Darren for many years and I could not be more proud to be associated with him and his always innovated website creations…  

    I posted this in the Cash Juice Feeder and 3 groups without a link what I want will be likes and shares.

    Instead of my normal 3 hour safelist posted I decide to surf 2 hour building credits for this post used 146 credits left 162

    Here are my results so far

    With over 25,000 members Cash Juice I am #5 this month #8 last month and #8 Total I have 1698 followers

    7 likes 2 shares in 3 hours I am sure this is the first of many more.

    Here a example of my first exchange

    Karl> Robert Rhomes added you to this chat.

    Thanks for the like I hope you love CJ as much as I do! 

    >Hells yeah buddy, rock on!

    What do you promote?

    >Training for internet marketers first!

    That’s what I do too it’s a great time to learn as much as you can, its’ great talking with lets stay in touch! stay safe!

    >Definitely thanks Robert cheers! 

    Just took a quick look at your CJ profile page. I see you promote the Wealthy Affiliate program. It’s a great program they have been around awhile. Again, it’s nice to meet you Karl! 

    This how it ended in 3 days I will send a capture with his product this might peak his interest if not I still have his contact and a new lead… 

  2. jorenbymacy069@gmail.com

    I am really trying to learn safe list. I still do ads on Facebook.
    Can anyone have time to half me learn FAFY safelist?

  3. susansndrs55@gmail.com

    Macy, You are doing ver well with FAFY! I’ve seen your ads.

  4. susansndrs55@gmail.com

    Macy, You are doing very well with FAFY! I’ve seen your ads.

  5. diedra.stinson@gmail.com

    I have no problem admitting my MAIN problem which is CONSISTENCY.
    Having major issues related to cancer, every single day is a struggle to get ANYTHING done and being consistent with whatever I do. I have to pray. It’s not working for me business-wise. Not a complaint. Just an honest self-observation.

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