Exercise 19: Pat Yourself on the Back

5 Days of Digital High Fives

“Life is lived forward, understood looking backwards” We are all on individual journeys as we become professional network marketing team builders.

I have said many times, “this business is built between your ears.” Many have started this journey of self-understanding and entrepreneurship, but very few persist long enough to develop the skill sets and mindsets necessary to build real duplicating teams. The fu fu dust consumes most, but not you!

This week I want you to really take some time and thought and pat yourself on the back. For the next 5 days I would like for you to share 1 Shout Out for yourself each day regarding not what happened that day, but patting yourself on the back for an areas of growth you have experienced since you started the 27% Success System.

Now is a good time to share number one.

You are special, the industry and others need you. Thank you for setting the example.

27%ER Coach
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  1. diedra.stinson@gmail.com

    Just being a member of the 27%er success system has made me feel that I have invested wisely in myself toward the success of my business. I love pouring into myself in this way and especially in ways that expand my mind. I may be slow to the “DOING” of what needs to be done, but I understand and absolutely AM becoming the person I want to be in this industry. Not only that, but it is my great desire to have a foundation upon which others who join my team can build upon. It hurts me that so many people fail in this tremendous industry – which is why I joined the 27%er club – because I was one of those failing ones, yet I KNEW I and no one else had to be failures and give up before they/we taste the success we seek. I want to insist that anyone and everyone who joins my team invest in themselves the same as I am. I know that the ony way to get the best OUT, the best must first be poured IN.

  2. catherineadarko@gmail.com

    My journey with 27% has been an enjoyable one. I have learned to be persistant.

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