Exercise 3: Cancel-Cancel Technique

We have talked about the Cancel, Cancel Technique multiple times in this program.

At this point and time in history, I believe there is nothing you can do to program your mind for success, and create new brain cell patterns that is more impactful than making the CANCEL CANCEL TECHNIQUE a daily

The Bible tells us to take every thought captive. (2 Corinthians 10:5) That means that I have a chance to do something about all thoughts that are not empowering, before they enter my heart and become a part of me!

“As a man thinks, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7. What we think about is crucial to who we are. Scientists don’t agree on how many thoughts we have each day, but all agree there are thousands of them. Who we are is shaped moment by moment by the thoughts we choose to let into our mind and heart. But how can we control the thousands of thoughts that enter our mind each day? What do we do with the thoughts that are not captive?

Taking every thought captive – is a battle.

However, deciding to make the Cancel Cancel Technique an automatic habit and programmed response has been the answer for me and many of the
leaders I have worked with over the years. I have shared this concept with all my daughters and everyone I care about.

I am not going to ask you if you have created this habit. Let me ask you if you could? Obviously the answer is of course you could.

My next question is what do you have to lose? For the next week, and hopefully beyond, I want to encourage you implement the Cancel Cancel Technique DAILY.

When a self-limiting thought enters your mind, capture and OUTLOUD Say Cancel Cancel and replace the thought with a positive one. I believe we speak our world into existence, what if that is true? Will you take the 7 day Cancel Cancel Technique challenge?

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  1. ron@simpleconnector.com

    I’ll commit to this and see what happens. 🙂

  2. catherineadarko@gmail.com

    Let’s do this!!!!

  3. lizzy@wilderdancers.com

    yes! bring on the cancel/cancel technique! I have been using this technique. when you are aware of the compassion and gratitude principle, this C/C technique is apropos to apply.

  4. bayareaprimelife@gmail.com

    Yes. I commit to good and to CANCEL/CANCEL what does not serve me for the greater good of what needs to be accomplished.

  5. Mary Jane Humes

    Count me in too!

  6. diedra.stinson@gmail.com

    Yes, I will take this challenge.
    I came to a startling realization yesterday that stifled growth in my business – that there was no one to help me do the things I thought I could not do. That’s 2 things in one… that there was no one to help AND that I could not do something.
    I must CANCEL/CANCEL both those limiting beliefs in order to move forward. YES! I will take this challenge. Thank you.

  7. vickiw223@gmail.com

    Not only will I do it for 7 days, I will do it forever!

  8. dbeckley@vestedstl.com

    Love this!

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