Exercise 4: Vision Board

Create a Vision Board that consists of pictures of your greatest dreams, hopes, and desires of what you want to achieve through your Network Marketing Business.

Describe in detail each deep desire you hope to achieve through your Network Marketing business.

In your Notebook or Journal, write down your thoughts, answer the questions, and practice what you are learning.

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  1. jorenbymacy069@gmail.com

    I am having a hard time with my vision board. Not sure what I want..

    1. susansndrs55@gmail.com

      You’ll figure it out Macy!

    2. Ron Wilder

      Start with the little things. Pick some categories like relationship, financial, spiritual, travel, ideal house or home, toys you’d like to have, etc. Then just start adding words or pictures to each of them. It will grow overtime. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time. By the way, it’s OK to be a little greedy when you’re doing this because it’s YOUR Vision board. It is what will motivate you! Don’t feel guilty for what you want.

  2. Ron Wilder

    So, I’ve always been challenged with pictures and cutting out magazine things. I Am an engineer, duh! I decided to do this vision board a little differently. I made a mind map because my vision board is always in a state of flux. I keep adding things to it and pulling some things that really aren’t as important off. so I wanted something that was dynamic in nature. I can attach pictures that I found on the Internet to each of the top sections. Please wish me luck to see how this works out.

  3. mjh47@outlook.com

    One of the things that I have on my vision board, I get to change. It is, 155 lbs my scale this morning. I get to change that to 130 lbs! The rest of my vision board has not changed much. I have a picture of my husband at our home which represents him not having to have to go to work, two people high fiving each other and the words, We are debt free, 12 books, the series that I am writing, my website making me money, the land I want to buy, my red VW beetle with the flower lights, a 1,000,000.00 bill, a black Cadillac for my husband.

  4. lizzy@wilderdancers.com

    Vision Board! Visison Board! when you hear that, what do you imagine? What do you feel? I imagine success! I hear laughs of joy. I see smiles. Oh, what a nice sight to see my vision Board!

  5. bayareaprimelife@gmail.com

    I am constantly envisioning more and more in my minds’ eye. The clearer the vision, the more open is the path. I believe in what I see, I am able to achieve whatever I believe.

  6. diedra.stinson@gmail.com

    OMG! I found the most AMAZING digital vision board. It’s an app called
    Subliminal Vision Board Pro. I’m so happy I found it. Can’t wait to start creating my vision boards with it to have it on my phone to look at, listen to, and program my subconscious with it.

  7. catherineadarko@gmail.com

    I enjoyed doing this exercise. Downloaded a vision board app that helped me do it digitally.

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