Exercise 6: Practice Your Scripts

Before you are great at anything, you must practice. Take your scripts and practice on 5 different friends and/or family members. Focus on following the process and covering your scripts.

Make a list of at least 5 friends and/or family members that you practiced with and which script you used.

In your Notebook or Journal, write down your thoughts, answer the questions, and practice what you are learning.

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  1. jarviscloudsr@gmail.com

    Repetition and Consistency

  2. lizzy@wilderdancers.com

    Practice! Practice! Practice makes perfect! Practice makes you confident! Repeat and repeat practicing your script. Soon it will be natural for you!

  3. Mary Jane Humes

    Excellent advice. Thank you.

  4. bayareaprimelife@gmail.com

    A Sensi once shared with me.. practice, practice, practice and when you are done practicing, practice again. When the practice is giving, success is shared.

  5. diedra.stinson@gmail.com

    I need to become what I think is called unconsciously competent, where my skill at speaking about my product and opportunity is as easy as breathing. I must practice it with family members & friends and even to myself.

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