Expect Miracles by Mary K Weinhagen

Mary K WeinhagenAnd a child shall lead you… There once was a man who took it upon himself to stand in judgment of what others around him would like in their world. He set about creating castles and richness of clothing and furniture and vehicles by which to get around. He created vast gardens of beauty and lined lakes with flowers and walkways and benches, and created parks where children could play. Then one day he saw that the people were not smiling and hung their heads whenever they were out and about. He realized that they seldom were out of their homes, and they gave him barely a nod when they passed him by on the street. He pondered and couldn’t figure why they seemed so unhappy, when he had given them their Garden Paradise.  NULL Then one day a child came up to him as he sat on a park bench. This child saw the furrowed brow and sat at his side. With a smile the child said, “Do you not want to play with me? We can go to that sand pile over there that you have so lovingly provided, and we can each build a castle of our liking.” The man smiled and took the child by the hand. They skipped over to the place of creation, and soon they were busily, happily building a sand castle of their own. After a few minutes, the man saw that the castle the child was building was very simple, and lacked the grace of his. So he proceeded to help the child build a finer castle. He said, “I can help you build a fine castle, and one you can be proud of.” The child removed his hand from his and offered, “But sir, I am having so much fun creating my own. Would you not allow me my own expression of what I desire? To me it is not how grand the castle is, but how I feel creating it. It is a part of me, and in that I AM the Creator. That is what builds strong men and women, my father says. And my mother always lets me do what I want as long as I follow the teachings she gives me about how to be safe and happy and creative.” The man was taken aback. How could this child have so little regard for his assistance? Is he not the elder one, the one who knows all about building a better world? Then a small voice reverberated in his ear, and he sat up, renewed with a wise thought. This is how I got to be this way today. My parents allowed me to be all I could be, with their wise guidance. Now I see what I have been doing; I have put a stop in their creativity, though I love the people so. Then the man stood up and drew the child to him. He whispered in his ear that he was going over to the soda stand over there to fetch a bottle of sweet strawberry soda. Would he like some? The child accepted the gift, and as the man hurried away, the child smiled and went on with his creating. The man returned and instead of sitting in the sand and assisting the child, he sat and watched as the child turned his castle into the perfect one that represented the dreams that the child stored in his heart. He saw the pillars form under his fingers, and he saw the many windows take shape with the fineness of a child in perfection. He knew that the irregularities did not matter, that they were a perfect match for the path of life. They were the rungs of the ladder on the way to the heights anyone can achieve. [Author Unknown]

Leaders hold the space for others to show up and build their own castles!

Namaste, Mary K ¸..• ´¨¨)) -:¦:- ¸.•´ .•´¨¨)) ((¸¸.•´ ..•´ -:¦:- -:¦:- ((¸¸.•´* Light EXPECT MIRACLES!


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