Expect Miracles – Woman and the “Attention Age” by Mary K Weinhagen

Mary K WeinhagenSo ladies… when you want your kids or spouses attention what works for you? A burst of insight occurred to me recently while reading Rich Schefren’s Attention Age Doctrine Volume Two where he expands on the challenges for marketers dealing with a world suffering from a chronic case of attention-deficit disorder. It occurred to me, with a bit of a chuckle that women have already been dealing with this for many, many generations. Most women will quickly agree that when it comes to our own ‘mini-market’, namely spouses and children, we have to be quite creative as we vie for their attention and sell them on our ideas and suggestions… and it’s not a task for the weak at heart!

I believe we can, without too much trouble, take what we already know and apply it to the market we are targeting in our network marketing business.

 NULL Stay with me a moment here as I run down the list, provided by Mr. Schefren, suggesting 11 qualities to inject into your content to increase its ‘engagement-factor’. He advises (bless his heart) you to make your content: ACCESSIBLE Okay ladies, are we or are we not already clear that the message to ‘take out the trash’ will not be heard by the kid with the iPod headphones firmly on the ears?! Or what about the note left on the counter… that we already know is far more likely to found when it’s taped onto the juice bottle in the refrigerator?

The point here is simple and obvious – put the message where it can be found by the intended recipient!

COMPLETE Again, we are already conditioned to know that our clever market will find any and every loophole in our message. If you do not paint the whole and complete picture about exactly what ‘clean your room’ entails you will find dirty clothes under the bed! So yes, you must give all the information to your prospect or potential prospect… tell them exactly how they will benefit, what they can do to receive that benefit, what action they need to take next, how to take that action and what is likely to happen immediately after taking said action. And yes, you must do that over and over and over again! 😉 FAST Our ‘market’ is quite slippery… yes? They are constantly slipping out the door, slipping into the bathroom or onto the phone or into a video game – once you get their attention you better deliver your message quickly, clearly and concisely and deliver a benefit NOW! (Even if it’s a brief and sweet but subtle suggestion of greater benefits to follow. *wink*) Our potential customers and business partners are also busy and going in a variety of directions. Here too, once you’ve captured their attention realize you only have it for a moment… so make it quick! INTERACTIVE Every smart mom knows that if she doesn’t have at least eye contact, she probably doesn’t have her child’s attention. When we get down to eye level and put our hand somewhere on their body… a shoulder is good… then we’re making progress toward interactivity and increasing their attention along with the likelihood the message we want to deliver will be the message delivered. It’s valuable to understand the wisdom in this when moving out to the marketplace.

Online interactivity is key to getting into relationship with people which of course, is a first step to move you toward partnership.

Whether that partnership takes the form of customer/client or actually bringing someone into your business, the more opportunities you create for people to interact, share their dreams and desires, the longer you will have their attention. So be sure to consider creating places where people can share feedback and engage in discussion, whether that’s via a blog, in a community or through creating polls or quizzes for people to participate in. Interactivity is a great attention-getter! INVITING Here’s another thing we do all the time. We cajole our young ones into eating healthy food by making it look interesting, intriguing and attractive. We engage our spouses by making ourselves look interesting, intriguing and attractive, and we get our teens to do the chores when we create a system that’s interesting, intriguing and attractive. And we keep in mind what might interest, intrigue and attract each of them depending on who they are today. The salad that looks like Raggedy Ann is not as likely to inspire our spouse as it is to inspire our 4-year-old!

Let’s take it into our business by being mindful that our websites, comments, products, services and tools all are interesting, intriguing and attractive to the people composing the niche we are targeting!

It only makes sense, right? NETWORKED Here we are in our element, right ladies? Because we problem solve by talking with one another and during those conversations we are invariably sharing and referring to information or ‘experts’ around whatever issue is currently on our minds, from how to potty train our toddler to which grocery store today has the best prices on turkey. We want to meet the parents of our children’s friends and we suddenly have expanded our network. We support our partners, spouses and children in connecting with others they share things in common with in order to increase opportunities to explore their gifts and talents. Our business networking serves many of the same purposes and it would serve us to ramp it up a bit more. When we don’t understand something it’s important to simply pick up the phone or send out an email to someone likely to answer or know someone who has the answer.

By the same token you will accelerate your business by generously being one of those ‘go-to’ people yourself!

Remember… a huge key to success is SHARE! So no matter what you have or what you’re doing, share it and encourage others to share it too! ORGANIZED Any woman who has run a household for a family understands that life is essentially unbearable without organization. Same with business! ‘Nuff said! PERSONAL Ah… the mysterious power of the personal. A woman dissolves into tears and what usually happens? Not always what we expect or what we’d prefer and yet it definitely shifts things. We know that tears sometimes simply flush out the tension of the day and it’s always the case that they are a genuine expression of personal emotion.

And something about getting personal really moves people.

Now, I’m not suggesting we use ‘tears’ nor is crying an effective strategy in business building. The point here is that a willingness to get personal will heighten your connection with people. So be clear about what you’re up to and who you’re interested in attracting and then let your authentic self shine! Do not invade others privacy, instead invite them into a deeper relationship by your willingness to get personal! RELEVANT, SIMPLE and TIMELY I’m giving these three together because it’s simple and timely to do so. 😉 Whether we’re dealing with our family or our marketing target we know from experience that if the message we want received isn’t relevant to the individual we’re aiming it at we will not succeed in getting their attention never the less holding their attention. The same holds true if the message or instructions are too complicated or come at a time when the intended recipient is preoccupied or at a time when they aren’t feeling the need for the benefit we’re offering.

Let’s concentrate on keeping our messages relevant, simple and timely for our intended target and we are bound to accomplish more than ever before.

Women, isn’t it great to know that we really didn’t need a man to tell us what qualities are needed in order to increase the ‘engagement-factor’ of our mess
age? The only thing I’m left wondering is why a woman didn’t figure out it needed to be explicitly laid out this way in the first place?!!! Just exactly what else are we taking for granted? Perhaps it really is time for us to write the book! And if you’ve already written one… let us know! Mary K ¸..• ´¨¨)) -:¦:- ¸.•´ .•´¨¨)) ((¸¸.•´ ..•´ -:¦:- -:¦:- ((¸¸.•´* Light EXPECT MIRACLES!


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