Experience Zig Ziglar by Barbara Pellegrino

Barbara PellegrinoHe spoke to an auditorium full of enthusiastic attendees and he was electric. I first “experienced” Zig Ziglar way back in the early 1990‘s, on stage in Melbourne, Australia. He spoke to an auditorium full of enthusiastic attendees and he was electric. To articulate some of the many things that impressed me most about Zig Ziglar at that time and still to this day were;

1. His connection, compassion and love for his audience. It seemed like he was only talking to me… and even when he knelt down on one knee to make his point and speak to someone in the audience, eye to eye, I still felt it as it it were me in that seat. 2. His boundless energy, his enthusiasm for his audience and the urgency with which he shared his wisdom, so that others may enjoy successful and fulfilled lives.

NULL That was what I noticed about Zig, himself and even when I had the great privilege of meeting him and his beautiful wife at the www.dswa.org 2011 Celebration, he was exactly the same, his love for others, his joy in his own mission and the fact he cared to spend time with strangers and offer them support, still was as strong as ever. The next, is what I learned from Zig’s first presentation and it made such an impression that it has stayed with me till this day!

“Be Where You Are At!”

He ran back and forth, across the stage, demonstrating how most people are so scattered and pressured that they are never really effective in their lives. It’s only recently that Eckhart Tolle, made “being in the now” such a popular concept, but Zig nailed it a long time ago. That impressed me so much, he said… when we are at home… we worry about being at work…and when we are at work we worry about things at home… therefore we run ourselves ragged never actually fully being present in our life.

Zig Ziglar showed me in no uncertain terms what it looked like to be scattered, to demonstrate stress, to not be present in your own life, much less, being present for others or for duties!

How many accidents occur because someone wasn’t focused, wasn’t paying attention, or distracted. How many mistakes might have been avoided if the person had the ability and control of mind to be present, in the moment and fully functioning… “all systems go” in the one direction. If there is any one thing I could and DID thank Zig for, is that one life changing concept he demonstrated so graphically for me that first time in Australia. BE where you are and stay focused, there is a time to dream and a time to work, have no regrets about what you did and do the best you can at all times and in each moment. The words he spoke went straight into my heart and the impression has lasted. I hope that I may live my life and demonstrate his teaching so that his legacy continues rippling out and helping others for many years to come. Thank you Zig… You made a difference! Zig Ziglar, his wife “the Red Head” and Barbara Pellegrino at DSWA Celebration 2011 Nicki Keohohou of DSWA.org, Honoring and awarding Zig Ziglar for the immense contribution he has made to the direct selling profession and individual lives all around the world. DSWA Celebration 2011


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Barbara Pellegrino
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