Extreme Productivity for Your Business and Life! by Scott Letourneau

Scott LetourneauCheck out this test you can do that would greatly add to your productivity We are living in a time where our life and business is constantly getting interrupted with thousands of commercial messages every day, from e-mails, texts, instant messages, phone calls, social media, appointments, family, kids, staff… interruptions all over the place! For many it is becoming hard to believe what life was like before facebook, where so many people are addicted to checking out what all their “friends” are up to, or who liked your post multiple times per day. This was similar to how e-mail was 10 years ago when each new e-mail had a little ding that would tell you that you have mail, and most would stop what they are doing to check that email. That is now happening with texting. NULL

With all this happening no wonder it has become more difficult than ever to become productive, much less experience extreme productivity Let’s go for ideal. I have learned a lot from the marketing guru, Dan Kennedy in this area, who is prolific at cranking out a ton of content, getting a lot of accomplished and still has plenty of time to play (for him it is harness horse racing-he actually rides in the races).

The starting point is to be clear on what your outcome or goal is that you want to achieve.

If you are not clear on your outcome for your business and personal life that is the first challenge. That alone would cause you to jump from one thing on your checklist to the next allowing for a lot of interruptions that totally destroy your productivity. Let’s assume you have your outcome and goals organized. The next step is your belief system as to why you are continuing to allow someone to consistently interrupt your time.

Most of you, if you are really honest, may find out that you are your own worst enemy when it comes to interrupting yourself consistently.

If I am being very honest, I will fall into this group from time to time and immediately look to get back on track to being focused and productive. It is always important to look for a great person to model when it comes to any skill set or goal you want to accomplish. When you do you are in a better position to calibrate what is different from what you are doing vs the person that has what you want. There is where you have to be really honest with yourself. For example, do you think Donald Trump always answers cell phone calls, IMs, during meetings or other engagements? Do you think you can just call him up and interrupt him and get him on the phone? Or do you think his day is very structured?

The reality is that those who are highly productive are extremely structured in their schedule.

I know that some of you do not like structure because somehow it means you are giving up flexibility or your creativity. Again, this is a belief system shift. Those who are extremely productive are very structured. If you have a 30 minute consulting call with Dan Kennedy and are 5 minutes late, you will end 5 minutes early. Right at 30 minutes you will hear the phone hang up. You can be in mid sentence, but he will not take an extra 2-3 minutes with you. He is very structured and very productive. Are you willing to protect your time and productivity? If someone is screwing up your productivity, are you aware of it and are you tolerant of it? Here is a simple formula, if you want high income, you must have a low tolerance for disruptions in your productivity. You are in control of this. You MUST be aware of your own time and productivity. Here is a test you can do that would greatly add to your productivity: Hire someone to shadow you for 1-3 full work days to evaluate how productive you were during your day. Every time that you did something that was unproductive and they hit you over the head with a rubber mallet to interrupt your pattern, would you survive the day? Every time you stopped to take an unscheduled call, reply to emails randomly throughout the day, jumped on facebook… that would result in another blow to your head… how bruised would you be at the end of the day? Will you do that? Probably not, but you get the point. If you have extreme goals to get results and you are not being extremely productive, you are not likely to reach those goals. In reality you will be doing this to yourself mentally. Meaning you will interrupt your own pattern when you are getting off track.

This must happen real time to measure your productivity. If you cannot measure you cannot manage your results.

Jim Rohn, an incredible motivation speaker, said, “when you follow a high performer around for a week by the end of the week you will have no doubt in your mind why they are successful”. Would they conclude that your number one goal is to be extremely productive? If you are saying that is your goal, and you are not doing it, then you are full of it. Ideally, everything you do, say, how you look should be congruent with your goals. It is difficult to be a fat overweight personal trainer to be successful. That is not congruent. If you have casual goals, then casual productivity may be just fine for you. I do not recommend it. My belief is that the more productive you are the more time off you will have to enjoy your life. When I take time off, I rarely check emails, I do not get phone calls from my staff. I can be on vacation for an entire week and not get one phone call. They are well trained and great at what they do. If there is an emergency, which does not happen often, that is an exception. Extreme productivity action steps: 1. Clarify your personal and business goals. 2. Plan your day and work your plan 3. Schedule appointments 4. Do not take unscheduled calls or emails. 5. Schedule a time for social media and email follow ups. 6. Focus on your top 6 items to accomplish each day with the priority of each one and time allocated to each one. 7. Measure your productivity daily and weekly. 8. Be proactive 9. Schedule time for projects on your calendar so they do not sneak up on you. 10. If you have staff do not have an open door policy, have a scheduled open door policy once or twice a day for them to come to you for questions. Maybe extreme productivity is too extreme for you, but what if you improved your productivity by 25%, would your income improve by 25%? Not quite. Typically, your efforts will not result in the exact incremental improvement in your income, but it will be close. In this example, it may result in an 18-20% increase in your income. I would suggest you challenge yourself for a short period of time, say 5 business days, and measure daily your improvements and what you additionally accomplished that day. I believe you will really be shocked at your new results and learn a lot about yourself in the process. SPECIAL OFFER All Network Marketing Magazine readers will receive a special bonus offer when you call Nevada Corporate Planners and when you incorporate in the month of October! When you call let us know you are a Network Marketing Magazine online subscriber so you can take advantage of the special offer! Plus you will receive a free consultation, a $200 value (plus a free estate planning evaluation and book), when you call Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. at 1-888-627-7007 or 1-702-367-7373. When you call we’ll discuss your situation and which state is the best to form your LLC. Nevada Corporate Planners incorporates in all 50 states. Let us know if you would like to use other people’s money (OPM) to grow your business.


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