Facebook – 3 Tasks, 15 Minutes Daily by Bill Ganz

Bill GanzIf communications got better; if communications got fast; if communications got cheaper; would you do it?  Network Marketers have always been Social Networkers even before there was an internet. Social Media and Social Networking is very much a new tool for Network Marketers to add to their arsenal for communications. It is critical to understand that Social Media does not replace anything that a Network Marketer has always used to grow their business. Live events, living room parties, 3-way calls and belly-to-belly recruiting will always work best. You have to ask yourself 3 questions when thinking about social media and social networking;

If communications got better; if communications got fast; if communications got cheaper; would you do it?

Facebook – 3 things a day – NO MORE than 15 minutes a day NULL

  1. Post a photo or video of something in your life. The photo could be of a Team Training – a family picnic – or something in your life that shows you having fun or helping people. Note: Try not to be cynical or pessimistic, unless that’s how you want people to view you. Tag friends, family members or Team members if they are in the photo to help the photo or video go viral.
  2. Create a list of 10 friends in your upline or downline and comment on their Facebook page every day. This is very easy to do and it is nothing more than a quick comment on a photo, on a video or just post a personal message on their page letting them know you are thinking about them. This is critical to advance the ranking of their page and the way Facebook priorities the preference and the media on your Team’s pages. This is also critical when other people see your page or use your page as a social or professional due diligence tool to find out about you. We call this “Living Transparent”.
  3. Click on your Home Page Wall on Facebook and actively engage in some popular conversations going on with your friend network. This is a great way to elevate you and your Team’s presence online – again, for social due diligence.

If you’re going to recruit someone into your business – Facebook is a great way for you to share your life so they can determine if your organization or your Leadership is something they want to be a part of. Again, all of this will take less than 15 minutes a day. Don’t stop any form of communications or recruiting techniques that have always worked to grow your business and don’t hide behind your computer monitor. The business is about being Social. Note: Always consult with your upline Mentor of Sponsor if you have any questions about any new practice you incorporate into your business. Bill Ganz – www.facebook.com/billganz62 – Stop by, make friends and say “hi” to me anytime. I look forward to your comments, thoughts and questions.


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