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DaleCalvertNever get stuck on one method, because technology is constantly involving and changing  There appears to be no middle ground right now. People are killing it with Facebook or they are wasting a tremendous amount of time and effort playing around. What separates those who are doing awesome with their Facebook marketing efforts from those that aren’t? You know the answer, right?


Wise people simply learn from those that have already done what they are attempting to do. There is a tremendous amount of good solid information in the market regarding Facebook marketing from people that really know what they are doing. I spend at least 2 hours a day on personal education. Right now I am going through a very in depth training that is going to take a few weeks to get through and implement, after that, my focus is going to be on Facebook. NULL

Facebook is where the traffic is, and I have received a good return on my investment in the time I have spent to learn the limited Facebook strategies, ideas, and techniques I have learned. About a month ago I mentioned a webinar I was on that offered a killer piece of software to help you generate leads on Facebook. If you missed it, here is the link to the webinar GET FULL DETAILS ON FB LEAD FINDER HERE This morning I found this video on You Tube and another piece of software that is going to come in handy when I decide to focus on Mastering Facebook. For More Information on the Video Jacker Software Click Here. I know, I know, there are not enough hours in the day!

As it relates to marketing the gap between pros and novice is getting wider and wider.

Every training program I am part of and have gone through the past 18 months or so it seems that instructors spend half their time answering questions that have already been explained, from people that obviously weren’t paying attention and many times have no business on the call. We all have entrepreneur A – DD . I cannot stand to have my time taken up by someone that just wants to hear themselves talk! When it is all said and done try to slow down… * Ask yourself what is the true upside potential of the business model? (There are a lot of fun, easy to do businesses, that just don’t offer much upside potential) You have to learn to say NO to a lot of good ideas so you have time, for the great ones! * How much time is it going to take for me to master it? I believe you can take five training courses or read 5 books on any subject and know more about it than 99% of the other people on the planet. * Before taking advice from anyone, always ask yourself, who is this person, and why should I be listening to them? BEWARE OF THE SELF-PROCLAIMED GURUS! Doing business with marketers that you know, like, and trust is not always a good idea. The first question should be have they done what they are trying to teach me to do, and MORE IMPORTANTLY do they have the ability to teach others? Will learning this skill set help me develop my primary business, or is it a secondary income stream? If you are involved in network marketing, understand it is going to take 100% focus and dedication and at least 18 months of daily effort to get where you probably want to go as I talk about in detail on the Webinar at MLM Training Club.

Facebook can obviously help you create more customers and team members when you learn how to do it correctly from those that have mastered Facebook marketing and lead generation.

Never get stuck on one method, because technology is constantly involving and changing. When Twitter first game out, I ran across a piece of software that was creating a $25,000 a year income for me on auto pilot. Yes, it took me about a day to learn everything and get everything set up, but after that it generated income like clockwork every month until Twitter changed their algorithms and the software stopped working. It was good while it lasted, you live learn and move forward. Be in a constant state of learning, testing, making mistakes and moving forward!


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