Five Successful Secrets to Earning at Least Six-Figures As a Network Marketer by Terri Levine

Terri LevineFive reasons network marketers never make a real living from it, and how to change that I know of few ways to make more money than from the business of network marketing. It has the opportunity to be financially rewarding and offers tremendous potential to serve others. Where else can you share products or services you are really passionate about that assist other people, and you get handsomely rewarded for sharing those services/products, and which presents an opportunity for them to also have an exciting, rewarding, lucrative career doing the same for folks they know?

Network marketing comes with a flexible schedule, working from home, working fewer hours than a traditional job, and really being in control of your very own income and earnings. No wonder it’s a booming industry.

Sadly, not all network marketers earn money. Actually, few people earn a real ‘living’ from it. Of the ones that do, most still don’t earn what they really want to earn. NULL

The Reasons Network Marketers Are Failing Not committed to being in “business” Unsuccessful network marketers don’t think of themselves as business owners. Many don’t have business basics like: a dedicated phone line, fax machine, fictitious business name, domain name, letterhead, brochures, ways to invoice, merchant status to accept credit cards, contact management software, etc. How can you expect people to do business with you when you aren’t really in business? Don’t know their products/services Can you imagine buying from someone who doesn’t know all the facts and details about their products or services? Who doesn’t feel like an expert with the facts that support their claims? Your potential clients and sales staff or down-line expect that you are an expert. They want to know that you have all the facts and details about what you are selling and can explain all the features/benefits and answer all their questions. If they have to speak with your manager, director, or someone up from you or be called in to a three-way call, they no longer see you as the credible expert. Be an expert.

I will buy from you, believe you, and want to be part of your team and sell the same product/services if you can show me you are credible, and received great training, and believe in what you are selling, including the career opportunity.

Failure to Connect With People Heart-to-Heart Coinciding with the lack of expertise, network marketers often only have training on outer sales tools – closes, handling objections, scheduling appointments, taking orders, inviting people to information gatherings, sending out tapes or samples, or setting up calls, etc. They have missed the tools and training on inner connections and how to be in a relationship. These inner tools are more important than any formal sales training on closes, etc. Fear of Sales and Marketing Many network marketers don’t want to say they sell or market. They have negative feelings and beliefs about the words. They are full of programs or stories or beliefs that get in the way of them being in this business and making it a financial success. They don’t want to appear pushy, and instead, they wait for people to contact them, figuring people will come once they know about them having the service or product, and believing the product or service is so great, it will be sold without them. That doesn’t happen, because people buy from people and want “expert” advice. They also can’t or don’t articulate the features and benefits, because they don’t want to feel like they are selling used cars. They have their own negative feelings and beliefs about used car sales or sales in general and are concerned about what others will think of them. They don’t want to “sell” to family and friends and to have people buy just to help them out or out of guilt. Sometimes they keep their network marketing a secret so people won’t laugh at them, or in case their ‘real’ job might want to know about it.

Simply, they lack belief and are caught up in fear. Unless this inner foundation is shifted, they will fail.

They can’t create success if they don’t have strong inner beliefs that support serving others, sharing products/services, and know in their gut that they can bring others great products, services, and career opportunities and really want to serve others in this way. Coming from a place of trying to push people into buying or joining the company, will only push people away. Wanting to serve others will attract people. This inner framework is missing in all unsuccessful network marketers. They Don’t Fully Believe the Opportunity While they might have heard of or met others at the top of the company, they aren’t seeing success or aren’t surrounded by it, so they begin to doubt the chances of success for themselves. They doubt the company; the products/services, or they think “recruiting” is tough. They might also fear they’ll lose money by having their customers stop buying from them to get in the business themselves. All of these doubts are subtle and found as a common denominator amongst the people who aren’t making money in network marketing.

You can’t make it if you don’t believe you will.

You need a focus plan with inspired actions you really want to move forward and to pull you to your vision. Your vision— not the company’s vision… what do YOU want? A car? A boat? A six-figure income or more? More time with your family? Flexibility? Financial Security? Control over your destination? Have you envisioned it? Can you taste it? Probably not. It needs to be amped up to allow you to take inspired actions to create what you really want.

If you aren’t inspired by your thoughts and feeling a lot of desire, you won’t do what you need to do to be successful.

If you aren’t making the calls, setting up demonstrations, etc. it’s because you haven’t locked on to your desire and the actions don’t feel inspiring. The Keys to Becoming a Network Marketing Success If you aren’t earning the income you want as a network marketer, there are four simple steps you must take to change this. Each one requires commitment and action and will lead you to the prosperity you want and deserve. Step 1: Determine the right product/service for you to sell. What really draws you in that you feel passionate about and love to talk about? What do you want to be an ‘expert’ in and know more about? What do your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances and others tend to focus on, use, talk about, or care about? Vitamins? Back-pain? Pets? Health foods?

Choose the product/service that you feel most excited about. Decide on it and then stick with it. Commit!

Step 2: Set up your business. Get serious. Think like a business owner. Be an entrepreneur. Get a business name, develop an image, spend money on letterhead, fax machine, phone lines, and all the other items a “real” business needs.

Decide to be IN business.

Step 3: Work on your inner landscape. Find out more about YOU and your beliefs and how to bring your limiting beliefs and fears out in the open and then develop a process to move past them and really believe in YOU.

Develop a clear vision with inspired actions and accountability.

Step 4: Create a focus plan and an action plan that feels good and supports you. Develop new ways that really feel good to you to build relationships and to sell your products/services and career opportunity to others.

You need to commit yourself to doing what all successful business owners do to sell their products/ services.

Ask yourself, “How will it feel to have the income I want and how will it feel for people who want to buy my services/products and career opportunity?”


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