Forget Heavy Hitters and Find Real Leaders! by George Madiou

George-MadiouIn starting your own personal search for your own “home grown” “Heavy Hitter” examine the things that you are or were involved in Leadership is a critical part of growing a business. So many people dream of getting a “Heavy Hitter” into their business. The funny thing is, is that they don’t think that dream through. Why would a Heavy Hitter quit their already successful business to join your business. There are so many leaders outside of network marketing that are also looking for an opportunity for them and their family. Here are 5 places you should start your search.   In starting your own personal search for your own “home grown” “Heavy Hitter” examine the things that you are or were involved in. Statistics state that over 80% of people today would love to have a business of their own. What stops most of them is they don’t know where to begin and they’re afraid to start.

The benefit that we have, is that in our business, most of us are in a business with a company with a game plan and people who can help us, and the people we introduce into our business.

 NULL We have a story about the business (or we can borrow some very compelling stories.) We can introduce our prospects to people in our company who are successful and those not in our company that teach about our industry. So where do we find those who can become “Heavy Hitters” in our business? 1. Your job

a. The job that you are presently working at or jobs that you have had in the past are full of leaders.  b. 20% of the people we come across have special leadership qualities and we have already seen it in action. c. One of the greatest places to go to find your own “Heavy Hitters” is in your present or past work place. d. Strike up a conversation over coffee or at lunch and watch your work leader open up.

2. Your Church or Temple

a. We have all recognized leaders in our house of worship.  The additional benefit these people bring to the table is a major degree of commitment. b. Talk to them about their dreams of the future and an ability to be able to raise additional income for them, their family and their charities.

3. The activities that your children and your spouse are involved in.

a. Little League, school activities and other activities that your children are involved in will put you in touch with other parents that have similar concerns and interests. b. Make sure that you network with the leaders of your children’s activities. c. The same holds true with activities that your spouse is involved in. Question the leaders and find out what drives them.

4. Hobbies that you are active in.

a. Your hobbies hold a great opportunity to explore the leaders that are right under your nose. Who are the greatest leaders in this group?

5. Past activities such as school (high school and college), organizations you belonged to and interests you had.

a. Remember those friends from long ago? Those in High school and college friends? b. What a great time to reconnect. c. What a great way to come right out and complement them on their leadership skills that you remember. d. You can let them know that you have a business that you look for leaders to join your team.

As a leader it is more effective to develop your own leaders from leaders that you already know, rather than chase around “Heavy Hitters” in other network marketing groups. By doing it this way you will develop a more solid and loyal team. Aim high! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder


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