Forget Selling, Consider Interviewing by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxIf you are getting lots of interest, try interviewing instead of selling the opportunity. This puts you in control of the whole process. There is a different approach to handling your mlm business recruiting.

Instead of selling your opportunity, try interviewing interested prospects for the opportunity.

Forcing a sell can cause extreme problems, such as frustration to anger. A low morale is never good for a business, so you can learn to refocus your efforts on a different aspect. If you are getting lots of interest, try interviewing instead of selling the opportunity. This puts you in control of the whole process. You can weed out the hot prospects from the ones that are not. This will save you time and resources on finding the right person for your business. The Timeless battle of Seller vs Headhunter

Most marketers struggle between either being a seller or a recruiter.

The biggest difference between a seller and a recruiter is a sales focused individual works on the bottom line. They care more about bringing in the dollar instead of consumer focus or quality talent. This is not bad position for people who have the talent, but in the mlm business, being a recruiter is more rewarding in the end. Acquiring the right talent to help your business grow, can mean more profit down the road. A recruiter can turn people away and recruit the cream of the crop. While the profits may hurt, it is wise to have serious parties on board then those who will quit. While the struggle is nearly eternal for either becoming a recruiter or a sales person, keep in mind that your business cannot grow with weeds.

The crop that you plant will either cost you more or become a valuable commodity to your business. While recruiting has some of the biggest challenges, it can offer some great rewards.

What about the bottom line? Yes making deals is important, but face the reality, bad talent will cost you resources, energy and emotional distress. While being a recruiter, you do not have to give up the sales aspect. You want to interview the best people, but not sound like a horrid advertisement. Interview till your blue Interviewing prospects give you the control. You have additional rights and powers that a salesperson will never have in their lives. You can say good-bye, welcome aboard or something similar. These powerful words can either crumble or instill excitement in your prospects. It is never easy to reject people, but as adults, you will have to find the best people for your business, even it means not hiring your uncle.

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