“Social Networking Laws” by Max Steingart

“Four Social Networking Laws”

1. “What you see is what you get.”
2. “There are three reasons people don’t respond to you.”
3. “When talking to people, don’t focus on making a sale. Focus on whether there’s a sale to be made.”
4. “Listen more than you talk.”

Today millions of people are making money on Facebook and LinkedIn. And so can you.

To be successful all you have to do is connect with the right people who need or want what you’re selling.

Having access to over 2 billion people around the world means nothing if you’re not talking to the right people.

The key to success in your business on Facebook, LinkedIn or any social network is to first realize that only a certain percentage of the people on them will be pre-disposed, eager, ready and willing to buy your products or get into business with you.

Instead of wasting time talking to a bunch of people who will NEVER buy what you’re selling, you can subtly qualify someone by asking casual questions.

Your success or failure in qualifying someone as a prospect lies in the questions you ask and the answers you receive.

The more selective you are about who you talk to the more successful you’re going to be.

The SECRET to having profitable conversations that end in a sale is to remember that it’s all about the other person.

If you only talked about your business with people that needed and wanted what you’re selling, you would never experience rejection.

When you identify a person’s needs or problem by asking simple questions, you can introduce your solution and know precisely what to say that would interest them and overcome their existing objections.

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