Friends Do What Friends Do by Rod Nichols

rod nicholsIf you present a system that will work for anyone, more people will join you and more will succeed.  Network marketing is truly a business of duplication, but perhaps not in the way you might think. It’s not a remake of the Stepford Wives or the Invasion of the Pod People where everyone is exactly the same. It’s also not a case of cloning – although there were times when I wished I had a few clones to keep up with the work. Rather, it’s about creating a system that duplicates success. There is an old saying in network marketing that friends do what friends do. In other words, people will join the way you did and they will try to do business the way you do. I remember early in my network marketing career watching top income earners training their downline to build a business by contacting friends and family and yet they were advertising and sending out direct mail to build their business. They didn’t have a duplicatable system, so they taught something that was. The incongruence caused confusion and high turnover. NULL

So, what’s the answer? Keep it so simple that anyone can do it.

Here are some things I’ve done to develop simple and duplicatable systems that produce results. First, it’s important that you sponsor or enroll people correctly. Every company and compensation plan offers a right way to join – it’s typically a start-up package, products/services, and autoship or autobill. Make sure you understand the compensation plan and what product/service package and monthly autoship/autobill program will maximize income. Then, present that to every prospect. Don’t give them lower options; rather help them find a way to earn the extra money to get started right.

If you start them right, they will start others right, which will result in your downline members making money and sticking with the business.

Second, check with your upline for a duplicatable marketing system. If there is no system, work with upline leaders to create something that anyone can do. If the system requires a lot of money or special skill, it won’t work for most. This system might be focused on warm market, advertising, Internet, or a combination of each. Do everything you can to help new associates make money fast, so they can afford to stay in business. If you present a system that will work for anyone, more people will join you and more will succeed. Third, create a duplicatable training and support system. A team web page combined with teleconferences, web conferences, or live local meetings will make it easy to train and support a lot of people with very little time commitment. You can have members of your team chip in on the costs of the site and conferences, so it doesn’t all come out your pocket. They can also speak on the conferences, so you don’t have to do all of them.

If you do this right and create a duplicatable system, you won’t be creating clones, rather independently thinking people who are doing the same things.

This is how the top income earners have built their businesses and if you want to join our ranks, duplicate, duplicate, duplicate!


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