Futuresight: The Top 10 Trends by Faith Popcorn

FaithPopcornIt was more than 14 years ago when the boss of BrainReserve, Inc, Faith Popcorn, published her ground-breaking look at all our futures. How’s her crystal ball holding up? Look and see. We though it might be fun-learning— and entertaining— to see how Ms. Popcorn’s “Top 10 Trends” have panned out. She predicted these almost 15 years ago. See for yourself how true they’ve become in the world… and your world. And remember, back when this was written, the lady enjoyed a record of 95 percent accuracy. Enjoy…. Futuresight: The Top 10 Trends From The Popcorn Report Trend 1: Cocooning. Home as the safe haven from chaos, danger and frustration. Bunker mentality. Eating in. Partying in. Working at home. Home entertainment, home decoration, home security, buying and selling from home.  NULL Trend 2: Fantasy Adventure. The search for chills and thrills. Theme hotels, parks and far-out vacations. Shopping malls as entertainment. Virtual reality. Exotic food and drink. Spices. The Wild West — Wildering. Fun is at a premium. Living like a millionaire without the cash or burdens or waiting.. Trend 3: Small Indulgences . Quality over quantity. Mini self-indulgences. More for the money. Gourmet chocolates, coffees and teas. Handmade jewlery. Aromatherapy. Pampering yourself. Elegant cosmetics and personal care.. Trend 4: Egonomics. Self-esteem. Self-reliant. Self-absorbed. Self-gratification. Self-aware. Self-assured. The Needy Nineties. Personalizing. Customizing. The “Me Generation” growing older and bolder and voting for individuality with dollars.. Trend 5: Cashing Out . No more job-security. Instant entrepreneurs. Flex-time. Self-employment. Downshifting life in the fast lane. Downsizing. Moving back “home.” Pursuing life dreams and aspirations. Changing the game. . Trend 6: Down-Aging. Liz Taylor. Michael Jackson. Peter Pan. Younger than spring-time. Looking good rules. Feeling good, too. Older-is-better — as long as it’s younger. The Baby-Boom fighting the calendar. 50s and 60s revival, reruns of Lucy. Nostalgia. Cosmetic surgery. . Trend 7: Staying Alive. Health food. Natural Food. Alternative medicine. Herbs, and vitamins and exercise. Diet; fat-free, low or no salt and sugar. Eschew the preservatives and the artificial. Healthy is wealthy. The healthy home the healthy future.. Trend 8: The Vigilante Consumer. The customer is king and queen. No more Ms. Nice Guy. The emergence of corporate conscience and candor. Crusades. Boycotts. Reading labels. Be fair. Be real. Quality at the right price — or else.. Trend 9: 99 Lives. Life’s too short. Asking “why?” and demanding answers. Getting 60 seconds out of every minute. Earn-while-you-learn. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. New and improved for real. Save time. Save money. Get all the meat out of the lobster. . Trend 10: S.O.S (Save Our Society) . The backside of the excess and greed-gilded 80s. Socially, environmentally, politically, professionally and personally conscious and aware. Before we buy, we must buy into. Green products and companies. Recycling. The Children’s Crusade. Corporate soul. A future of hope.. So, how’d she do…? How accurate was the eminently predictable Ms. Popcorn for you…?.


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