Gain More Leads and Prospects without software lead generators! by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxThere is nothing wrong with using some software to get your business but do not rely on software only. Mix it up and drive on to find the traffic that you desire. Leads and prospecting for any business is a must and it will take time. There are software solutions to help out but over 100% will not provide you the quality prospects that you need.

Going manually with the prospecting and lead generation is a great exercise in management of time, human resources and builds on your skills in networking.

Why waste the money for software that is ineffective? People think they can save time with an automated system that only gets them banned from the search engines, networking sites just to avoid doing the work themselves. Well it’s just for the best; this is where you can capitalize on their errors of letting a software program handle this event. NULL

Spend your time creating the capture pages, email campaigns, video bits and articles that will attract your perfect members. When you invest your time into talking with those on Facebook, Twitter and other sites, you will find more success and often people will refer your business to others without you knowing it. Nobody likes talking to a dead machine, so why would you even think about using one to generate leads. Going live on the sites that you need to be on any way makes the best business sense, this puts you on the front lines with those who are looking for your “opportunity”, and you have to handle the increase of visits. The problem with the software is that they cannot provide a voice, face to the business. They can only generate leads based on the criteria that you set; hopefully you’re a programmer and can adjust the parameters of the software. These programs mislead the consumer in thinking they will rock the cash bar. It is time to use your tools and go online to the sites, book a conference and host the recruiting event. Get your face out there to generate the leads and prospects, the old fashion physical appearance can make or break your network.

Rise from the ashes of software slavery and give your website the empowerment that it needs, offer a chat line and forum to help boost interest and interaction with your visitors.

It does take time out of the day to prospect and to meet new people but without them, your business is not really a business. Head back to the old days, where you went out and met people. If you need time for other business tasks, organize your work week or hire an extra hand to deal with the live recruiting events. Webinars are a great way to secure your audience and time, you can have them book a spot and after reaching your seat requirement, then host it and present your business. There is nothing wrong with using some software to get your business but do not rely on software only. Mix it up and drive on to find the traffic that you desire. You can always generate more leads but you can only get the qualified member once. Your growth depends on your commitment to reaching outward on the internet and in the real world.


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