Get Into Action by RS Mallory

Author_28387RSMalloryHere we are again, looking forward to starting ANOTHER New Year, with new aspirations, goals and resolve.

So, what is different about THIS year than the start of any other year?

The Secret answer is….. Nothing but Ourselves!!


We are each human and with that we are the “directors” of our own delicious Journey of Life. Some of us are content to glide through life on a slow boat, wandering wherever the currents take us. Some of us even take up an oar to paddle a little bit here and there, but stop short of actually committing to defining our destination and then doing what it takes (exerting the energy and taking the actions) to actually get us there. Some of us skip the rowboat or dinghy and get a motorboat for our journey.

I believe that the difference between the three types of people is

~~ Belief in oneself

~~ Acceptance that we are deserving

~~ The unswerving ability to Take Action

~~ The Resolve to never, ever quite until you acquire or attain your goals (destination)

BEFORE we can “get into action” we must define what it is we want to accomplish, surround ourselves with people that will support us, equip ourselves with tools to serve us in our quest, engage OTHERS to help us along our way and be mindful that we understand that helping others helps ourselves get where/what we want.

Review or start your own personal development program and embrace your own abilities, beliefs and acceptance that you are worthy and capable.

Write Down your Goals for 2016 and BEyond in a Journal.

VISIT them Often and Grow WITH each Accomplishment.

ADD More Goals as you attain them and Reach for the Stars


Remember; it is never too late to prepare ourselves for our 2016 Journey. We humans were given the ability to re-define ourselves as we wish. If you KNEW, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you would not fail, what would you do; for yourself, your family, for humanity? What Legacy will you create?

Ready? Set? GO!

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