Get Happy AND Get Rich! Happiness is the New Fashion… by Elizabeth Harrington

Elizabeth HarringtonFree yourselves from the limiting harnesses of fear and doubt and become a Captain of your destiny.  No my friends, it isn’t about the law of attraction, or robbing a bank, or even winning the lottery. It is all about being happy.

That’s right… it is ALL about being happy first, then you can attract money.

How much money is still ultimately up to you and your efforts and some luck thrown in for good measure! This is a major theme in my work and in my musing as well as my writing… happiness. OK right about now…I am going to lose some readers. Better to do that early. STOP! Don’t leave just yet….WHY? If you stop reading now, you’ll miss out on a secret to discover the key to real wealth-harmonic wealth. James Ray of the movie The Secret, labels it harmonic wealth. NULL  I like the idea of harmony in all areas of my life to achieve true wealth. It is important to live a happy life to be rich and wealthy with a balance in as many areas of one’s life as possible. We know the cycle of fulfillment. Balance in areas as family, community, work, health, spiritual, money, friendships etc. I am going to focus on money in this article though. Many of you are worrying about money (or the lack of) with the events unfolding on Wall Street this past few weeks. You’re not alone. The sales of anti-depressants has sky rocketed with each day of really scary news from Wall Street. There must be a better way? For some of you, the whole notion of happiness may appear fluffy….and intangible….elusive, impossible, foolish and hard to measure. For me, it has held real fascination for a number of years.

Now I know why. I just heard on the radio…(XM satellite radio to be exact) that people who are happy earn $750,000 more in their lifetime than others. Just an average figure!

You read that right…happy people earn 3/4 of a million dollars MORE in their lifetime! Studies show that happy people are more fulfilled, relaxed, and peaceful. They naturally get lower prices, more opportunities, better care, more friends, greater intimacy AND live longer. That isn’t even the full list! More than 255 studies show that money doesn’t buy happiness. These Studies are saying it is actually the other way around! So the secret is: “if you’re worried about money, get happy first.” Isn’t that an oxymoron? Seem impossible with the current state of your 401K? Your ROTH IRA nose diving? Your worries about being laid off from your company job? Hold on… when things look bleak… stop for a moment or however many moments it takes, and look at your current reality. Grab a pen or hit the keys on your computer…and write down exactly what you’re afraid of. Is it really more like FEAR in control of your attitude? We all know what FEAR really is – False Evidence Appearing Real. One of the very first things to do is to grab hold of your happiness attitude. Say you’re afraid of losing your job? Since 84% of North Americans hate or are strongly dissatisfied with their job-why are so many afraid of losing what they hate? It’s all about the Money or losing the paycheck here. The driving motivator is the uncertainty and the fear of loss.

This leads me to the number one reason for unhappiness. It is the feeling that you have a lack of control over the outcomes in your life.

So let’s get to the real key of success here. Sounds like an ideal time to take stock or an inventory of your unique skills and talents and start a direct sales or networking business. What do you think? Many of you reading this article are already in this wonderful and challenging industry. You can look at this 2 different ways… “The economy sucks. So sales are drying up of your product and service because no one has any money. No one is interested in joining you in your business because they are too busy surviving and working so hard to keep their jobs.” OR “I feel this is the most exciting time ever to be offering our opportunities to people who are looking for a way to grab hold of control of their earning power without risking even more of their hard earned capital. The only risk will be a small start up investment and the time to learn new skills and build a part time business.” Check out which one resonates best with you? If it is the first one… need to demonstrate some self leadership here and do whatever it takes to shift that attitude. Fast! Or prepare yourself for a cold winter and a bleak spring. Your choice. As one of my favorite teachers, Jim Rohn says: “It is all about the law of Sowing and Reaping. Our irresistible offer is:

  1. We offer hope
  2. We offer optimism
  3. We offer a way out of the credit card blues
  4. We offer a way to dig ourselves out from the mortgage mess
  5. We offer a way to learn, then teach others to create a new reality
  6. We give our own lives greater meaning by teaching others and contributing
  7. We offer a way for better health through less stress
  8. We offer young people a chance to learn new skills and earn additional income for paying off alarmingly high college debt
  9. We offer Moms and Dads a chance to stay home with their children and really engage in their lives as a family
  10. We offer midlifers and retired people a chance to reinvent their lives and get another chance to do it right and fulfill their dreams

I believe we offer an opportunity to be happy…

Remember the lesson of happy first, then rich. I believe we offer a way to become entrepreneurs in our lives – NOW!

Rise up and get out of the office cubicles-NOW! Free yourselves from the limiting harnesses of fear and doubt. Become a Captain of your destiny. In closing, what I know for sure is: “You don’t follow your dreams but you live them!”


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