Getting Started to Finish First by David Nelson

David NelsonGet started and keep started so you can “finish first” in the wonderful business of NWM. Getting started right is so important to virtually any task, trip, class, venture, project, business – yes, just about anything that you might do. Certainly, anything that you want to do well or that you want to have turn out correctly.

In NWM, it’s important to start out right and then to keep on the proper course so that you can “finish first.”

This article is going to present a few ideas about getting started and keeping started that can help you “finish first.” It will also give you some perspective on the concept of “finishing first” that should make sense to you and could make your life in NWM more enjoyable. Keep Going / NOT Keep Going Eva Warner shared the following story in Fast Company Magazine, June 2004: NULL “Twenty-four tiny hands shoot into the air as Notre Dame MBA candidates Mary Camire and Tim Chase ask for volunteers for a skit based on Aesop’s fable of the tortoise and the hare. “Once the turtle finishes ahead of the dozing bunny, Camire and Chase ask about the choices the two characters made: Could the turtle have decided not to run the race? What would have happened if he didn’t run? “The class decides on two good alternatives for the turtle: 1) to keep going or 2) to NOT keep going. “Now it’s time to map the good and the not-so-good consequences of those choices. What would happen if the turtle kept going? ‘He could win!’ shouts most of the class. “What would happen if he didn’t run the race? ‘He wouldn’t get sweaty,’ pipes up one tiny student.” Get Started / NOT Get Started You are most likely aware of the fable of the tortoise and the hare! Convert the thinking from this fable into the concept of “getting started” in the NWM business. There are really ONLY two alternatives for a distributor: 1) to get started, or 2) to NOT get started. What are the good and the not-so-good consequences of those choices? What would happen if one gets started? He or she could win! Could build a solid team! Could create a residual bonus check! Could get out of credit card debt! Could create lifestyle changes! Could develop retirement financial security! What would happen if one does NOT get started? He or she wouldn’t get sweaty! Would remain in the status quo! Would not obtain dreams! Would not create a business! Would most likely have continued frustration! Would miss out on financial success! Would not have as much fun in life! Would think NWM was a scheme. Really Getting Started For the new NWM distributor, there is most likely NOT a poster on the office wall, or kitchen wall, or bedroom wall, or whatever wall, that says, “YOU should GET STARTED!” Not unless the distributor puts it there! {Therefore, why not put up encouraging signs?}

Here is what is so very true about getting started in NWM:

1) You have to learn to make decisions on your own! 2) You have to learn to take action on your own! 3) You have to really want it!!! AND GET STARTED!!!

The great thing about getting started with a NWM program that has a great distributor support team is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You don’t have to wonder about what it is that you should do to get started. Remember: 1) You have to learn to make decisions on your own! 2) You have to learn to take action on your own! 3) You have to really want it!!! AND GET STARTED!!! With a great program, the pattern and tools have been developed and are available for anyone who REALLY wants to GET STARTED! Doing the Right Things Sandy Hughes of Procter and Gamble said: “At some level, you have to trust [yourself] that you are going to be doing the right things.” After doing your appropriate and thorough due diligence, you know… the discovery process of research, investigation, evaluation and analysis of the company… and you have made YOUR choice… obviously you have trusted your sponsor. Then, you must trust the distributor support team’s training, direction, leadership, and pattern. You must trust yourself that you are going to be doing the right things… and get started.

Part of getting started is therefore a matter of TRUST!

Don’t Chase People I want to share an idea from Alfred Portale, CEO of Manhattan’s three-star Gorham Bar and Grill for 19 years. He is speaking of finding and hiring great associates {which is similar to finding and recruiting great distributors in NWM}: “I don’t chase after people. It’s very important that a person recognizes that being here is a positive experience and an important place for their career. If they don’t, they’re never going to work hard enough and learn, grow, and perform like they should.” So, in getting started you are going to have to point people to the tools and presentations and information that helps people recognize what a great program you are offering. Recognize the “What Can Happen” Recognize that you can have a positive financial experience with a great distributor support team in a fine NWM company. Recognize that this is an important {a critical} requirement for your NWM career {whether it’s a part-time or full-time career}! You must have great support and a fine NWM company. Recognize that it will take hard work. Recognize that there must be a commitment to learning and training. Recognize that personal growth will take place. Recognize that performance, thus results, is based upon proper action! Intensity Alfred Portale also teaches: “I watch for a certain intensity! I watch how they stand. I look at their hands! It tells me about a potential A-player’s passion and respect!”

Intensity is critical!

Posture – body language, the language of the voice is critical. Passion, energy, enthusiasm, charisma… for the business! It needs to be shared with others! It forces one to get started! Respect and thus intensity… for the program, the work, the people, the product, and for one’s self! This reminds me of a chemistry, a talent, an attitude, a synergy… a desire to make something happen! A Place! There is a phrase used by Portale that I want to expand upon: “an important place for their career.” Listen to this vital information about place. It comes from “management” thinker, Douglas Smith, in an article entitled, “We Incorporated”:

“Organizations are not just places where people [belong]. They are our neighborhoods, our communities. They are where we join with other people to make a difference for ourselves and others.”

A great distributor support team and a fine NWM company are organizations! We belong! And, the more that you BELONG, the more success you can generate! You need to feel of the support team as your “neighborhood” and you like to “hang out there.” It feels good. It’s fun. You get good energy and encouragement from the “hood.” You need to feel of the support team as your “community.” You go there for training! You go there for support! You go there for guidance! You go there for motivation! You go there to contribute as well as to receive! And thus belonging, you make a difference for yourself and for others! You are totally focused on making a financial difference in the lives of those who join with us… and you get started!!! And, fortunately for your success, you remain started. From Place to Purpose Douglas Smith writes: “A few decades ago, our lives were centered in places. We had the most in common with our village or city neighbors, with the people geographically closest to us. Place formed our connections to the social groups that mattered most: our tribes, churches, jobs, and schools. The defining politics – and the
defining values – were those rooted in physical communities.” “Today, place has lost relevance for most of us in a connected, global world. We reside in places, of course, but that’s basically a lifestyle choice. It is in markets, organizations, and networks, and among family and friends that you spend your time, pursue your most pressing purposes, and find meaning in your life.”


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