Give Them What They Want or Need by Jack Zufelt

Proper and powerful presenting to prospects is crucial if you want to maximize your success in both recruiting AND product sales.  

I have heard this statement so many times from wannabe business builders and struggling distributors: I want to be successful doing this but I don’t want to be the pushy sales type and that’s what I think you have to be like to be successful in MLM.”    I emphatically state that one does NOT have to be pushy or overtly aggressive to interest prospects and have them want to join with you. How you come across to the prospect is crucial.

First of all  —  NOBODY likes to be pushed. Not even two-year-olds. We all know that two-year old’s will sometimes resist what you want them to do with all their might and you have to literally drag them. It’s human nature to resist being pushed into anything. Try this to validate what I am saying…..walk up to somebody and ask them, “How do you feel when I do this?” then push them rather robustly and steadily on the shoulder for three seconds. Watch their face. At a minimum, their face reflects that they not only disliked it, but they were ready to push back. When asked if they liked it they will all say they didn’t like it. Then ask them this: Can I do it again? They will say “no”. And if you try they will push back or do what they have to do to get away from you.

That’s what poor invitations and bad presentations can create. Resistance. Rolled eyes. People wanting to get away.

There is a reason that we all hate to be pushed. It is something we have had with us since the day we were born. It’s called FREE AGENCY. When that agency is taken from us by anybody, we hate it. We resist it. We rebel against it. And often don’t like the person pushing or foisting their will or message on us. We want things OUR way – not the way someone else wants it. Or, worse yet, demands it. That is why many bosses are not easy to get along with.

Difficult bosses are one of the reasons network marketing will always be of interest to the people who have jobs.

No one likes being told what they can do and can’t do and network marketing can get people away from that. This industry offers a way to get away from the dead-end job with a boss that controls you 40 to 60 hours a week. That’s why it is said that people live for the weekends. They work five days a week so they can play for two. People do resent a job that controls their happiness and income.


Neither. Many have said to me…” Of course, you are successful in this business. You are very good at sales”. My response is simple. I may be that but most making good money in this industry are NOT like me. I tell them about the people I know who are making $500 to $10,000 a month in this industry. They are just normal people with a desire for more money and to be financially free.  They are a hairdresser, the mechanic, the secretary, the carpenter, the single mother, the taxi cab driver, the housewife, the contractor, etc.

Many wrongly think that they have to be the pushy sales type to be good at building a downline that can get them out of that 40 to the 60-hour-a-week job. That wrong thinking often keeps good people out of this business.

And the TRUTH is that you don’t have to use “pushership” or skilled salesmanship to make money in MLM.

Then what? You have to get good at inviting people to listen to or watch a presentation on something that will give them what they already want. More income. Getting good at both of these and creating cash flow is not “if” but “when”.  

Stating “I don’t like selling” is usually a direct result of two things:


1)     Deep revulsion to the image of being a pushy person – someone who others resist and dislike because they are aggressive and overbearing or pushy or even offensive. 

2)     Deep dislike of hearing the word NO. The person hates rejection so much that they won’t do what they have to do to make prospects interested in joining with them in the business.

Presenting is often wrongly perceived as an occupation where you have to be pushy and don’t mind being rejected. And if you are “pushy” it can result in you not being liked – and no one wants that. We ALL want to be liked, and appreciated by everyone. Right? Selling, as many wrongly perceive it, seems to put being liked at risk.  And, sadly, many people who do it are very pushy and distastefully aggressive. That is not okay.

So how do you present powerfully and still be liked? Even admired? Knowing the answer to this question can help you reap the benefits of a cash-flowing network marketing business!


Here it is. Find out what the prospect would like to have in their life, that they don’t currently have.  Ask them questions. This will help. A survey was done in the USA to find out what the top five things that were most important to people are.  

#1 was family. They wanted to be able to take care of them and have more time with them.  

#2 was money and what it can provide to them i.e. freedom, getting out of debt, leaving their dead-end job, retirement properly, more time with family, etc.. Their Core Desires.™

Then show them how your company and products/services can help them get what they already want…their Core Desires™. Can it be that simple? Absolutely!  Find out what someone wants, in any area of life, and offer to help them get it. Show them how your business and products or services will give them what they already want, need, and are searching for.

Always remember — It is not what you want and sell but what they want, that matters. I do seminars on this subject all around the world and find it amazing how few people in direct sales understand this principle.  Go to and learn what I know on how to identify people’s Core Desires. It is quite easy and can be done quickly.

When I was building my very successful downline, (50,000 people) I did what I just advised you to do. I lead people to where they told me they wanted to go. I didn’t sell or push anyone. Many willingly followed me and my advice…and no one ever called me pushy. Even those who said “no” to the products or business. Yes…I got a lot of “nos” too.

You’ve heard this statement before: “ You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” That’s true……but if the horse is thirsty you can’t keep it away from the water. Think about the National Geographic videos showing Zebras so thirsty that they drink dirty water AND there is an alligator just inches away from their nose. They risk their very lives for that drink of water.

Your presentation needs to give them what they are thirsty for. If the prospect is thirsty for more time with their family or really wants to leave their job and you have the products/services that can give that to them…you are their “water”.  You have a better chance of them joining you if your presentation shows them how what you are bringing to them will give them what THEY already want with all their heart.

One woman I worked with wanted to stay home with her little children. After learning that information I was able to show her exactly what she had to do to make that a reality. Using her company’s comp plan I was able to calculate how many people she needed in her downline on autoship to give her enough income so she could leave her day job. I was also able to show her how long that would take if she only had a 20% success rate.  She went for it and thanked me profusely for helping her achieve that goal.   

Present your company and products with the absolute confidence that if they, (the prospect) will do what you tell them to do they will get the things they want and need….their Core Desires™.

Do this and you get to lead people where they already told you they want to go. Don’t push people where you want them to go. Help prospects see that you are willing and able to help them achieve their Core Desires with your company and its products or services. Do this and you will never be or appear pushy, aggressive, or offensive.

Appealing invitations and proper presentations are what cause $ucce$$ in this business.    

By Jack M. Zufelt “Mentor To Millions

Jack M. Zufelt is the author of the #1 best-selling book titled The DNA of Success which is now in 16 languages and has sold in over 50 countries.

He has achieved worldwide recognition for teaching people the true cause of all achievement. His life’s mission is to impart the truth about and dispel the myths surrounding success and achievement.


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