Give Big or Go Home! by Elizabeth Harrington

Elizabeth HarringtonI love freedom. This is why I started my own business. The web frees us even more. Network marketing levels the playing field. Yes you’re right, I admit it. I’ve taken this title from media mogul Oprah Winfrey and her new Prime Time show-The Big Give. Another way to make my message clear is:

“Train Big or Stay home!”

Why is there such a shocking failure rate in our industry? Some say it is as high as 95% each year! Even if it is, and yes I admit while it is a shocking and troubling statistic, did you know that 90% of all businesses fail in their first 5 years? From my vantage point, I see that one of the common principles of the most successful teams in our industry is… the training. This differentiates the top 10% of the teams and what we use as the most common scorecard… showing us the money! NULL

A basic way to start achieving massive success comes from a consistent focused systemized approach to skills development. Each step must build upon the previous step before achieving mastery.

Is this what your training looks like? If you’ve been following me for a while, either through my writing or podcasts, you’ll know how passionate I am about creating successful entrepreneurs. Most of us are not born entrepreneurs, even if we sold lemonade at our little stand on the street corner as kids. Most of us need to learn core business skills. Learn the skills, gain the confidence. One of the great things about celebrating many birthdays is the wisdom we get about what we are good at or not! One of my mentors and coaches is Alex Mandossian, the direct marketing guru. He says it so well…“play at what you’re good at, give away what you have to work at.” Makes sense doesn’t it? So how on earth does that old teaching of duplicate, duplicate, duplicate fit in? How can we duplicate others when each of us has unique talents and gifts?

Today we have the most wonderful tool in the world to ensure that our team members get the same consistent training. It is the world wide web!

I have become web-sessed these past few years. For the record, I must admit, anything to do with technology or anything mechanical is a huge weakness for me. So what on earth am I doing launching a new media marketing company? I’m a big thinker, with strong, strategic visioning talents. My business partner has the technology aptitude. What she plays with is what I have to work at… sound familiar? It didn’t take me long to recognize the significant power and enormous reach of the leverage this sea change in technology will create. Not leverage humans, rather leverage the technology to connect to each other. People will choose to follow whatever brand they want… we can’t leverage choice. One of the challenges when your team is growing quickly and preparing for the massive momentum phase is the ability to ensure that everyone has access to the same, consistent training and information. We all know the value of systems and the web is the answer. At least for me. I get weak when I have to work over and over again with newbies. Yet we need to add new people to our model to be successful. I really like to work with entrepreneurial CEO’s or people who have that mind set. Yet I also understand that the average person needs to start at a basic level of business skills and development. So I am having fun designing new ways of training. Team members will be able to learn and grow at their own pace by choosing their own method of learning-all available on the web. You can learn new skills 24/7. Your schedule, your method, your choice of delivery channels. You have the adaptability to change how you learn whenever you want. Access this training wherever you want! Now this is freedom! I love freedom. This is why I started my own business. The web frees us even more. Network marketing levels the playing field. As a business owner, and entrepreneur, it is all about your performance. Yes it is about giving big, training big, AND DELIVERING!

Training is a huge component of achieving top performance. Now it is much easier to perform well and perform fast.

“When you know better, you do better.” ~~Dr. Maya Angelou


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