Giving by George Madiou

George-MadiouWhen you give what you have to give, you will change lives and at the same time, enhance your own life more than you could imagine.

What is one of the best ways of helping yourself? Help others!

The top leaders know it. The fastest business builders know it. The wealthiest individuals in the world know it. Giving has a way of helping so many, especially the giver. There are so many things that can be given that will produce unbelievable results. You can give of your time. You can give of your talents. You can give of your effort and of course you can give of your resources. Time Time is the one thing, that you have that God has given you, that is your only non-renewable resource. This makes time the most valuable thing you can ever give away. You can never get back the time you give away. That’s the reason you must be careful with how you spend your time on yourself and how you give your time to others. Treat it like the treasure that it is. This is why you should not waste it yourself and why it truly is a great gift for those who you gift your time to. NULL

Talents Your talents are unique to you. You have developed them. They may have come easy to you or they may have come from some long hard fought battles, none the less they are your skill sets and abilities. When you share them with your family, friends, business acquaintances or those you are mentoring, what you are doing is leveraging your life experience and education to those you are gifting these talents to, and that is a very special gift! Effort Your effort is energy expended. It is a conscience decision to give of your energy. When you give your energy, much of the time, you become more energized! It’s a special gift to give. Resources Most of the time, we think of resources as our money. Money is not to be minimized; it is a resource that most of us are looking to get. A resource to give away could also be the ability to earn money, as in an opportunity that you have available that you can give as a gift. There are many other resources that you have that can be a valuable gift to give to others, books, training, the gift if listening and understanding and the gift of caring, just to name a few. When you give these and many more gifts, that you have to give, you will change lives and at the same time, enhance your own life more than you could imagine. Give and see how this special activity blesses so many! Aim high! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder



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George Madiou
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