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lisa hillWith more women entering the workplace on a full time basis than ever before, finding the purpose behind the desire is a necessity.  It is no secret that throughout time women have been the greatest influencers on change in the marketplace. Since the women’s movement in the 1960’s women have brought a “heart” to the business in a way only we can. So as we evolved into the working women of our time, we soon found that the ultimate success was obtained when we were working toward a cause and making a difference.

Soon was birthed the “perfect business model” we now call Direct Selling; the heart to heart business of changing lives with passion.

It is within our makeup, our DNA. to nurture and to serve and we often do not feel fulfilled when we are unable to do so. I have been honored in my life to know some of the most amazing women in this profession and the common thread which bonded them together was the constant drive to make a difference in the lives of others. NULL

Eleanor Roosevelt who set the course for change with compassion “never could pass a starving person without feeling hunger.” The ability to feel empathy is what moves us to take action and bring about change despite any obstacles. With more women entering the workplace on a full time basis than ever before, the need to find the purpose behind the desire is a necessity.

It is historically recognized that women lead with a service orientated mindset and are able to weave it into any chosen field.

It is through this type of intense focus that many generations have been blessed. With the growing number of women in direct sales it was critical to have an organization to support, guide and inspire women on a continual basis. Nicki and Grace Keohohou built a community of like minded people who had a dream and a desire to support women on all levels. The Direct Selling Women’s Alliance has grown into a global network of women who have experienced exceptional growth in all areas of their lives. The continuation of what they started has been expanded into The DSWA Global Foundation offering an opportunity to change lives on even a greater scale. The Foundation will be offering scholarships to members and their families which will enable them to fully embrace their chosen opportunity. As Rosa Parks was quoted “I would like to be known as a person who is concerned about freedom and equality and justice and prosperity for all people” it is still the same today as we strive to leave each place better because we were there.

It has been documented that individuals who ‘give’ freely of themselves experience an increase in immune health resulting in overall better health.

Be good to yourself, give to another. It is with the combination of opportunity, passion, vision and courage that great legacies are born. Grandmothers, mothers, sisters and women everywhere have helped to develop the social conscience making us all better than we were, but not better than we will be. Lisa Hill


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