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George-Madiou5 Tips for Expanding Your Business Globally Starting Today The subject of Global Wealth Building is a subject that we wouldn’t have been discussing a dozen years ago (or less).

With the advances of the internet, the entire world becomes like doing business in your neighborhood!

If you are in a company that does business in countries other than your own, explore the options of expanding globally. Here are some suggestions. 1. Study the countries that you company is doing business in.  Understand the culture and find out what unique qualities your company and products have that attract people in that country. Know who you will be approaching, don’t assume that the same things that attract you and the people in your country is the same as people in other parts of the world. Find out the unique challenges and desires and make those points part of your presentation. NULL

2. Find out who in your company is pioneering the activity in those countries. Sometime you will be able to get these people to share their insight and sometime you will not. You will never know until you approach this valuable resource. The most valuable resource is at the corporate level, the individual who is responsible for the country you are interested in. Pick their brain, make sure they know that your intention is to develop a large group in that country. Keep in touch with them often so they know you are the go-to person in the field that is dedicated to growing the business in the area that they are responsible for. 3. Contact people that you know in those countries. Also contact those who know people in those countries. This is a good way to engage people who might not presently be in your business to consider coming in and being at the top of your effort in that country. 4. Reach out to people in those countries that are in your circle of social media, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is the biggest reason Global Wealth Building is exploding today. With social media we are able to establish relationships easier than ever before around the world. 5. One last point to seriously consider is to understand that global expansion starts in your neighborhood. Who are the people in your own neighborhood that have contacts in the countries your company is in, or is planning to expand in. Make this point a way of growing your business in your neighborhood, you will find this to be the most economical way to expand your Global Wealth Building!


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