Goal it, What you Want. By Cody Wasial

I don’t do goals, I do action.

I have never been one to set goals, I have always been a bit more vision-driven. I want this, so I will do this, and then this, and it must be done by this date. To me, that is ‘action’.  

Though, by right, you can call it what you want, call it goals or action steps. It’s all moving you forward.

Never stop moving, pivoting, and celebrating. 

Here’s an example of what I mean: One day you announce, out loud, that you want to host a retreat to help others experience different modalities of healing and wellness. One year later, after a series of action steps that align with said ‘goal’ or ‘vision’ you find yourself sitting in front of 27 souls who are seeking exactly what you are teaching. You are doing just what you announced you wanted. In that moment of clarity, you take a deep breath and realize you have arrived. 

Thereby setting the next action step towards the next part of your vision ‘goal’ in motion, as it’s far too satisfying to stop there. 

The secret is passion, purpose, and progress! 


The flowers are blooming, the air smells of spring. Have you stopped to breathe it in?

“The Journey is fruitful. Enjoy the Ride” – Cody Wasial

Cody Wasial
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