Goals, Celebrate your accomplishments! By Monika Greczek

I did not realize when I was young that goals were already a part of my life.

Going to school and learning was a goal, without those steps it wouldn’t be possible to get where I am now. Just reading a book, for example, if you skip any parts, you will never know what the true story is about and when I had a test I wouldn’t be prepared because I wouldn’t know the answers. I quickly learned to read the book and then my tests were easy.

Just as in creating a goal, when you do the steps to get the goal, it is accomplished, and you have achieved it.  

Celebrate your accomplishments! I learned that you must start somewhere taking the steps to get there. Like climbing a later, following steps A-Z, steps 1-10. Whatever your goal is remember you need a starting point and a finishing point. Everything in the middle will be the steps that get you there.

I remember starting Cosmetology school and looking at the plan from start to finish and the other things in between that I wanted to accomplish. Those were my goals, completing Cosmetology school in a year and a half, getting a receptionist job at a salon on the days that I wasn’t at school in the evening, learning what goes on in the salon, and being prepared after I graduated.

I took each step and eventually accomplished my goal as a Licensed Cosmetologist.

Next was to grow my clientele and make it my career.

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