GOALS, DO WE NEED THEM? by George Dubec

George Dubec


Most of us do not have clear, thought-out goals. If you ask people if they have written goals, most do not! Some people have unwritten goals and a good many only have to-do lists.

*According to the best research, less than 3 percent of Americans have written goals, and less than 1 percent review and rewrite their goals on a daily basis.

Why doesn’t everyone have goals, written or not written? Most people think of goals as something only businesses and organizations take the time to define, write them out and use to dictate how to run their operations. These types of goals are created by teams of executives who spend days, even weeks, formulating them. Most people don’t take the time or have the ability, training, and discipline to do this type of an elaborate goal-setting process and thus decide that goals aren’t for them. Most people make futile attempts at different periods in their life to try goal setting, but much like New Year’s Resolutions, they aren’t executed and then fade in the sunset.

Everyone is capable of establishing and reaching goals. A major complication is that there are so many things we can set goals for?

What kind of goals ……..

  • Starting a business

  • Making an existing business successful

  • Achieving sales goals

  • Personal goals

  • Winning awards

  • Learning new skills

  • Learning and perfecting new sports

  • Family goals

  • Long term goals

  • Mid-range goals

  • Short term goals

  • Life goals

  • Bucket list

  • Projects

  • Fitness and health goals

  • Team or organization goals

  • Daily goals

  • Weekly goals

  • Monthly goals

  • Yearly goals

Admittedly it can be difficult to decide what you are going to set goals for?

There are so many types of goals that most don’t even bother because they can’t decide what category of goals to set? The first step is to select what type of goals are most important in the areas that will benefit your life the most? It is also a good idea to take “baby steps” and write some simple, short-term goals to develop the process. Once you achieve these goals, it will give you confidence that the system works!

Why do we need goals ………

They give us purpose and directions

  • Help us focus

  • Develop plans

  • Create actions steps

  • Act as a way to direct our activities

  • We function better and make better decisions

  • Prioritize tasks

  • A way to measure our performance as to whether we are efficient and effective with our efforts

  • Helps us create deadlines for accomplishment to eliminate procrastination

  • To be specific as to what is the purpose of our activities

  • A road map to navigate through business and life with

  • To make better and more effective adjustments as we move forward

It is great to understand the benefits, but what are the reasons most people don’t do this process?

Why don’t we write down our goals ……….

  • Never did it before

  • Not educated or trained to do so

  • Don’t know anyone that has done it effectively

  • Not sure of being able to stick to it

  • Too many types of goals to set

  • Afraid of not achieving the goals

  • Afraid of committing to something

  • Not disciplined enough

  • Too much extra work and thought

  • It takes time to perfect the written goal-setting process

S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timely) when we first establish a goal. It is also important to monitor our goals at all times and make the necessary adjustments. Goals are not to be set in stone but are fluid and dynamic!

If and when you start the process, achieving goals is great. Once you achieve a few goals you will then want to continue and set new goals. It takes effort, organization, discipline and focus to do this. Once you know you are capable of doing and executing the goal-setting process, the sky is the limit!  It will change your life and give it more meaning and direction, leaving less up to chance, luck or fate!

Make sure that if and when you decide to learn how to do it, you get information and training from someone who has done it. Too many authors, speakers, presenters, and trainers have never done it themselves. They simply get information about goal setting from some of the old-timers like Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and Denis Waitley; regurgitate it and put their own spin on it. Learn from someone who has accomplished the goal-setting process and is presently doing it for themselves or their business!

All of the above being said, most of you who read this will agree it is a good practice and might attempt it. In the end, the majority of you will not even try and live life as it comes!

*Google search – “Success Through Goal Setting,” Part 1 of 3 – Brian Tracy

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