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rod nicholsThe answer is not to look for another company, but rather a better way of doing things There are currently over 3000 network marketing companies, give or take a few. Every one bills itself as the hottest new company and the best opportunity. If you’re an active network marketer, there will be offers to join some of these other companies and it’s going to be tempting for both you and your downline to jump over to the greener pastures. The worst part is that when you jump the fence, you’ll typically find that that greener grass has been spray painted and you’ll quickly discover that you’ve made a tragic mistake, because in another couple months another “best in the world” company will come along that looks even better.

By jumping from new deal to new deal, you will spend all your time getting started, which is the toughest phase of building a network.

 NULL If you’re with a company that has been in business more than 2 years; is financially sound; has professional looking marketing and training materials; is shipping products (or providing viable services); is paying commissions consistently; and has a reputable management team, then you’re with a solid company. Now the question is, are you happy? If you aren’t, is it because of something the company has done or are you not doing everything you could do to become successful? If you aren’t prospecting and retailing every day, training your new distributors, and persistently building a business, then it won’t be any different anywhere else.

If you’re with a good company and aren’t succeeding, ask your best upline leader to help you analyze why. Typically it’s something you are or aren’t doing during one of the steps in the process.

Maybe you aren’t prospecting enough people or the right types of people. It could be that when you give a presentation it’s too long or too short or doesn’t have enough oomph. Possibly you aren’t closing or don’t handle the common objections effectively. Maybe poor follow-up is the issue. If people join your team and then don’t do anything, it’s probably your training and support that’s weak. In any case, the answer is not to look for another company, but rather a better way of doing things. Look in your own pasture first. I’m sure that you’ll find that the grass is very green right at home.


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