Grow Your Business by Supercharging Your Mindset to a Possibility Mindset by Dr. John Hackett Ed.D.

Three Steps and Five “What” Questions to Build a Possibility Mindset?

Have you ever attended a “Reveal “Party? The party is a big surprise party where expectant parents reveal if the new arrival will be a girl or boy or maybe twins! They are exciting to attendees because of the uncertainty of the outcome.

Maybe you don’t think you have ever attended a reveal party; you are mistaken. On March 13, 2020, you and your network marketing /direct selling business, as well as the world, attended a surprise Reveal Party of sorts. What was revealed to all of us, our organizations, institutions, and society worldwide was the devastation of an unheard-of virus, COVID 19?

The attendant pandemic caused a worldwide business shutdown, supply chain disruptions, social, economic, and political challenges marked by uncertainty and rapid change. Our predictably healthy growing economy was at a standstill. Leadership Expert Simon Sinek was the first to label COVID 19 as the “Great Revealer.”National and international crises such as Covid 19 and the events they have spawned reveal to all leaders and their business, institutions, and organizations underlying weakness, avoid challenges, and frankly be complacent with the status quo.

 We have all seen dramatic changes in many parts of our lives and businesses, institutions, and other structure one year later.

We have seen some cope, some thrive, and some wither due to their response to this rapid change.

Network marketers and direct sellers have discovered two foundational truths that have held constant during this time. One, they have learned the importance of leadership and learning. Network marketers and direct sellers have always understood they must lead themselves and their sales teams. Network marketers and direct sellers had also learned to pivot; remember when that was just a sports term. In the 1970 best seller Future Shock, Alvin Toffler said that to become the literate of the 21st-century, one had to learn, unlearn and relearn. Network marketers and direct sellers took to learning new ways of connecting, like zoom sales unit meetings, unlearning unsafe practices such as face-to-face shows, and relearning new ways such as zoom “Spa Nights “in Mary Kay.

The second foundational truth that was revealed or maybe reinforced in this time is the power of one’s mindset.

Network marketers and direct sellers have always understood that one’s attitude, beliefs, view of self and others, response to success and failure make up your mindset. Your mindset is a crucial component of your personal achievements and the success of your sales team you may lead.

In  a November  2020 article  Your Mindset; the Hinge to Open the Door to Your Network Marketing Success and How to use The ABCs to Develop a Growth Mindset in the November 2020 edition, this author noted that “mindset it isn’t just mythology or a catchphrase for training, it is proven research.”

In Her groundbreaking, best-selling book Mindset, The New Psychology of Sucess, Carol Dweck shared extensive research to understand the power of mindset. Her research showed that a person’s beliefs about themselves, their world, and opportunities to grow, their mindset had more to do with their success than their intelligence or natural skills.

She described people as predominantly having one of two different mindsets that influenced their thinking behaviors and success. A person who has a Growth Mindset believes in self, understood errors as learning, and saw endless possibilities to grow with effort and perseverance. This person believes hard work and achievement as a journey.

Dweck described the second set of people as having a Fixed Mindset who saw the world in a much different way. The person with a Fixed Mindset believed that all their skills, knowledge, opportunity, and resources were set and unchangeable. She described this person as risk aversive, fearful of change, and holding onto or even hoarding their opportunities and success. They saw success as a final destination of entitlement.

The concept of Growth or Fixed mindsets is especially applicable to those in network marketing and direct sales.

We have all been in presentations or training discussing the importance of attitude, self-talk, and thinking, i.e., mindset, to succeed. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, put it well over a century ago, “If you think you are or if you think you are not, You are right.”

I have heard Mary Kay Cosmetics’ late founder, Mary Kay Ash, often reminded sales, beauty consultants, and directors, “What you think about you bring about.”Successful network marketers and direct sellers commit to leading themselves first by growing and developing their attitudes, thinking, learning, and growth mindset to create productive actions. And actions. The great news is that Dweck’s research shows that a person can change their mindset and hence their results. This research gives us a clear awareness of our mindset coupled with a way to change our mindset to “oil the hinges to open that big door of opportunity.

Having a growth mindset is critical, especially in these uncertain times of rapid change. Your growth mindset can keep you on the mission, support your team, stabilize or grow your sales and be a model to your team and those around you. Successful network marketers and direct sellers have modeled leadership of self, and those they lead coupled with learning and a growth mindset have oiled the hinges, which opens the door to enhanced opportunity.

 Interestingly We have observed many organizations, Institutions, and their leaders in different markets that have expanded or supercharged their growth mindset to produce expanded and maybe unexpected opportunities. We have often heard this described as “Thinking outside of the Box,” looking at novel opportunities.

Zoom meetings can be effective with intentional learning, relearning, and relearning. Five Star sit-down restaurants have looked around to pizza companies and become experts at the takeout and food delivery services. I recently talked with an employee of Mrs. Fish, an excellent small fish restaurant in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She said, “We did great because we offered great takeout and killer deals.”

Disney + put plays like Hamilton or shows like the Mandolorian on a subscription basis to reach people who couldn’t go to their parks. .Mary Kay shifted an entire line of cosmetics production to produce hand sanitizers to supply first responders in Dallas. They also could stay open to produce other products and now have an entire line of best-selling hand sanitizers.

Reflecting on these examples and many others raises a few fascinating questions.

If a person or organization, especially the network marketer and direct seller, can change behaving in a  fixed mindset to a growth mindset, why can’t a growth mindset be expanded? If we can learn and change our mindset, is there any doubt that we could expand a growth mindset? Can we learn and practice a supercharged mindset, a  possibility mindset?

The past year’s rapid changes may be the perfect time to supercharge our growth mindset to a possibility mindset.

Two leadership experts at the March International Maxwell Certification event made this point crystal clear. Mark Cole, CEO of the John Maxwell Enterprises and best-selling author,  lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington, DC, Mark Batterson challenged the audience to consider how a leader can supercharge their mindset developing a possibility mindset.

Mark Cole speaking on leadership courage (see my Linkedin article on Leadership Courage 3-5-21,[email protected] Linkedincom) and a possibility mindset. Batterson noted the leader needed to be humbly empathic, curious, and courageous to stay the course to develop a possibility mindset. He stressed how in his church, they had started to explore all that was happening in front of them in a church and a fringe or peripheral areas what was going on in nonchurch business where other organizations are stretching their view and information.

Cole and Batterson noted today’s leaders need to be courageous and supercharge their growth mindsets to a possibilistic mindset.

All network marketers and direct sellers are leaders, even if you lead a team of one and can develop a supercharged possibility mindset. A possibility mindset goes beyond your business, industry, or niche and any imposed filters to look at the opportunities. A possibility mindset is constantly looking to continually observe, notice, and pay attention to opportunities and possibilities with an expanded perspective looking for ideas concepts that would not always be in the organizations’ scope or marketplace.

Now is the time to supercharge your mindset to a possibility mindset!

How can a network marketer or direct seller supercharge their mindset to develop a possibilistic mindset?

Here are three steps and five What questions will help you supercharge your mindset and those around you.

Step One; Commit to a supercharged  possibility mindset journey

Meet virtually or in person if possible and safe with trusted friends or your sales team. Review what a  possibilistic mindset looks like. Mutually agree to three ground rules, ask, listen and ask, complete openness and possibility thinking, not rule out thinking. Have a scribe to keep notes.

Step Two: Use these five What questions to guide your journey

1.What do we know and observe about what is happening in our industry?

2. What is more is going on around us in other markets and industries that we could learn from?

3. What is essential or most impactful to us from these learnings?

4 . What now can we do now with what we are learning observing now?

5 What are potential unintended or intended consequences for us to watch for and respond to?

Step Three: Act, reflect, learn, unlearn and relearn

Build  an action plan to use the learnings

Practice learning, unlearning, and relearning with reflection


          Repeat the process


Imagine the immense value of a possibility mindset for your network marketing, direct selling business, and sales teams. A possibilistic mindset will expand our awareness and energize and expand opportunities to serve your customers and communities better. The network marketers/direct seller who takes the risk to be humble, courageous and curious to learn, unlearn and relearn will supercharge their mindset to a  possibility mindset. They will supercharge their network marketing or direct sales business to reach possibilities and opportunities beyond their current thinking.

The question for you then is;

Are you willing to be humble, curious, and courageous to supercharge your mindset to a possibility mindset?


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John Hackett
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