Growing Our Goals from the Ground Up by Stacey Hall

I am someone who enjoys giving my attention to a variety of projects at the same time. I am a great multi-tasker. 

And it used to be a bit crazy-making for me when I would give the same amount of attention to each project and yet the amount of time for the results to show up would always be different. In other words, I thought equal attention would mean equal results. So, I would often get frustrated when my reality was different from my expectations.

In sharing one of my frustrating experiences with a friend, they encouraged me to get out from behind the computer and spend more time in nature…if for no other reason, I might feel more relaxed and gain a different perspective on the situation.

This ranks as one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received because what I learned in nature is what makes it possible for me to be even more ‘attractive’ to what I intend to attract.

While hanging out in the park near my home, I took special notice of the grass, the trees, and the flowering bushes. I noticed that each one grew to be its own size and shape…despite receiving the same amount of water and nutrients from nature. If any of the bushes were the same size and shape, it was because the landscapers had cut and trimmed them into an artificial shape.

That’s the moment I realized that I had not been treating and tending to my projects and goals in an organic and natural way. I was also pushing and forcing them to fit a certain mold or expectation.

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Stacey Hall
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