Happily Ever After by Linda Yates

LindaYates1As the chapters unfold in our lives and business remember that communication will speed that happily ever after along When I was a hormonal teenager I must admit to a certain interest in the current-day popular romance novels. Yes, I’m a true romantic at heart! As I would become engrossed in the story and couldn’t put the book down there would be a common theme. That theme was lack of communication. Often I would want to scream at the characters in the story, “just tell them what you’re feeling”! Once they finally communicated with one another they could move on and live happily ever after. I guess the secret to romance novels is they keep you strung along to see when that open communication finally comes.

Communication is the cornerstone to any relationship.

There are many different types of communication. The two most referred types are verbal and non verbal. The art of communication comes through practice. NULL

Recently, I have become a texting aficionado. Years ago I thought I would never go down this path. But recently I caved in and got the family and friends package. It has been fun to connect with my Gen Y and Gen Z children as well as my Baby Boomer husband.

In order to keep relationships intact being able to communicate to the person whom we are trying to communicate with in their reference will help us be more successful. I don’t know about you but I find I usually get a response faster from my children if I text rather than call.

As with anything in life we need to ask for what we want. Some individuals are held hostage by that thought. Communicating those needs is typically the only way they are met. Sometimes that is hard especially if you are dealing with a personality that is caustic. For instance, some folks can get away with sarcasm or attempting to be humorous in their interactions and everyone around them attributes the sarcasm as their personality. Whereas if another individual whose persona is serious and professional tries to attempt sarcasm it would come off as a put down. Understanding your communication strengths and how to capitalize on them will benefit you greatly. Just as understanding how to communicate in the medium or style of the person you are trying to communicate with will further your relationships. Marketing and advertising organizations understand this clearly. The goal with marketing is to frame your message in such a way that will draw the audience that you desire into your sphere of influence. There are many aspects to creating the message you want. Sometimes we put out the opposite message of what our intent is and the relationship never starts or gets off track.

When that happens it is important to address the misunderstanding and try to rectify the situation immediately.

Often confrontation is the last thing I ever want to engage in; however, I learned about the use of the Indian Talking Stick. That tool is a great way to resolve conflict while letting everyone communicate their thoughts and concerns and saving a relationship. The rule is that whoever holds the stick is the only one who talks. They get to talk until they feel like they have been understood. The stick is passed around to each person until resolutions occur. It works. Yes, you can try this at home! As the chapters unfold in our lives and business remember that communication will speed that happily ever after along.


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