Happiness by Julio Varela

WHAT DOES THE “HAPPY” IN Happy New Year mean to each of us?

Today is the last day of the year. Today is the day that many of us ask ourselves those questions that we tend not to want to ask ourselves. Questions that deeply touch “el tuétano” (bone marrow) of our existence. Many times, after we have lived our youth (that time that we thought we would live forever, for nothing could harm us), we have faced many of these universally recognized questions, that if answered sincerely and truthfully can change our lives in less than a second!

Most of what I write about may be considered unrealistic by many, for I concentrate on what I consider to be of the ultimate importance, our inner self. But being in the need to reach out to those that don’t care about what is next after this one life we are living, I will be addressing only one of these time honored questions in the most realistic way possible.

Are you really happy?

The main reason for us to live a life to its fullest is because we are supposed to be happy in everything we do. Unfortunately, many can’t say that they are living a happy life because they are doing the things that they don’t like in order to just survive. Even though happiness is available to all of us no matter where, how, why or how we live, it is my belief that we have been indoctrinated to believe that only through having financial success will we be able to attain happiness.

Only by having it all can we be happy” has been the mantra since the beginning of time.

I tend to believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be financially successful, to have as many things as possible that might make you live in a more comfortable way, to earn as much money as possible for the right reasons and in ways that others are not taken advantage of, nor stepped on, in order for you to achieve such success. Never be envious of others that have what you don’t have, but learn to focus in achieving your own goals and finding what makes you happy instead.

I heard this story from my dear friend Vibhu Ji Maharaj, when he was 29 years old: Three of the oldest and wisest men in the world got together, in order to find a way of hiding happiness from humanity. The first one suggested to hide happiness in the deepest part of the ocean, but they all realized that man would create a submarine that could reach the deepest of oceans and retrieve it. The second one suggested hiding it at the top of the highest mountain, but the three of them decided that humans would figure out a way to reach the mountain top. Then the oldest of the three said that he knew where happiness should be hidden. He said; “Let’s hide happiness in everyone’s hearts, they will never find it.”

Happiness is inside of us; everything else that appears to provide us happiness is only available to be enjoyed in spurts of time. What made us happy when we were young, is not the same thing that will make us happy in our later years. We will experience a constant change of circumstances that will affect our happiness, until we cease to exist, in this one life we are living.

Another mistake that many make is that they think that their happiness is controlled or dependent on someone else than themselves. Many look at a divine being that holds the key to their happiness. Just like many others think that the reason that they are not happy is because they are paying for doing something wrong, that they are being punished and the sentence is that they will never find happiness at all! Others think that the reason they are happy is because they did something good and are being rewarded by being allowed to find happiness.

Happiness is strictly found and experienced by only YOU! You can share your happiness with others, but it is each person that you try to share your happiness with, who is the one that decides to make your happiness theirs too!

Your attitude determines when and if you are happy, no matter what happens in your life. It is your responsibility, not anyone else’s. There is no such thing as being 100% happy. Happiness is like a roller coaster that goes from the bottom to the top in an endless ride or journey which starts when you are born and ends when you die. In between there will be many ups and downs, your attitude is what makes you decide if your ride will stay longer periods in the bottom of life’s roller coaster or on the top.

Another year to find happiness is upon us. What will you do this year to be happy? I suggest that you review your life up to this very moment and ask yourself if you are doing what you like to do, or are you doing what you don’t like to do because you have to do so. I suggest that you stand before the mirror of your soul, that mirror whose reflection can only be seen by you. Do you see yourself continuing to do what you are doing and expecting things to change? Or instead are you going to say: “¡Basta ya!” (“No more!”)?

I will be the master of my life. I will start NOW to be happy. I refuse to let others define my happiness.

I will do whatever it takes to find and enjoy my happiness to its fullest for the longest moments of time as possible. And I will change my definition of happiness every time that I decide to do so for I welcome change as the only constant in life!”

Do as many year end resolutions as you wish and don’t worry if you accomplish them or not, for what you think makes you happy today, doesn’t necessarily make you happy tomorrow. Live your life to your fullest potential and live it moment by moment in total awe of everything that surrounds you. Your happiness is yours to enjoy and sharing it with others can only make it doubly pleasing, for there is an unending supply of happiness in you that never ceases to emanate more and more of its joy!

May the new year be full of health, love and prosperity; for happiness you already know you have galore!

 Happiness by Julio Varela


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