High-Tech Tip of the Month – Taxbot by Sandy Botkin

Sandy BotkinThrow away your tax diary and mileage logs, they are now obsolete! Throw away your tax diary and mileage logs, they are now obsolete! Remember the dream of the computer making life easier and more productive instead of more tedious and complicated?

Thanks to a giant leap in technology applied to smart phones, tax compliance just got a LOT easier. Thus, life’s biggest expense “taxes” just got easier to reduce.

It has taken over two years to perfect an App using smart-phone technology to track tax deductions and car mileage that is also fully acceptable to both the Internal Revenue Service and Canada Revenue Agency. Now anybody can track and securely store literally everything you need to comply with tax laws and be audit proof in as little as a couple of minutes of total use per day. Plus it’s so user friendly, fast and easy to use a child could use it. NULL

If you are intrigued by this new technology TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com has arranged for a free 30 day trial for our members. No credit card required or any other hidden agenda. Our demand to the developer was for a totally free trial to see if this technology is a good fit for our members. You must have an iPhone or Droid phone to use this technology.

If this works for you we see some added possible benefits in recruiting and retention of new distributors because of the tax benefits of a home based business.

This tool is being brought to us by one of our best contributors, Sandy Botkin. For years Sandy has been a teacher, trainer and tax expert supporting our members. Click link to start free trial: TAXBOT


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