HIT RUN THROW CATCH The 4 Basic Skills To Becoming A Great Networker by Matt DiMaio

Matt DiMaio


No matter how big or how good you become at something, you NEVER outgrow the basics.

I don’t care whether we’re talking about playing professional baseball in the major leagues or whether you’re a professional network marketer.

There are basic skills that you will never outgrow. You must always be working on them, improving them, and sharpening them. That’s why even the multi-million dollar-earning superstars find themselves in Spring Training every season.

When you’re developing new team members, it’s important to focus on the basics for yourself and to teach the basics to others.


Interestingly enough, the 4 basic skills in baseball can be likened to the 4 basic skills you need to develop as a professional network marketer.

Those 4 basics are HIT, RUN, THROW, CATCH.

Which one is the most important? The answer is it’s the one you can’t do properly.

That’s because lacking in that one skill is what will STOP YOU from ever becoming a major leaguer.

In network marketing here are the equivalent comparisons.


To become a “Heavy Hitter” you must learn to become a good recruiter. The solution to nearly every problem you will ever experience in the business can be solved by simply recruiting more people.

Learn how to recruit and do it often. Being a consistent personal producer, who leads by example, is the best way to develop others.


Speed is important to your success. A batter can’t just casually stroll to first base after hitting a grounder. He’s got to run at full speed because otherwise, it’s an easy “out”.

Speed is important as a networker. It’s what will cause you to break free of the inertia holding you to your present financial situation. Don’t wander through the business. Take immediate action. Be intentional and move quickly.


Another word for the throw is pitch. You must learn the pitch. When you say the right things to the right people, you’ll get the right results.

However, if you use the wrong words, you risk turning people off, which will cause them to avoid you.

Learn how to speak to your prospects effectively. You must learn to pitch.


You “catch on” by attending training. It doesn’t matter if you’re one of the top earners in your company. You still attend company events and training. Even if it’s for no other reason than to set a good example, you want to show others that you’re not above learning something new.

Obviously, it’s essential for your newest team members to attend as many training sessions as possible during their earliest days of working with you.


One important note that needs to be explained. While being proficient at all 4 basics is absolutely ESSENTIAL to achieving success, you’ll nearly always see that people are naturally better at some skills than at others.

In the major leagues, the best pitchers are almost never great hitters.

While you must be competent at all 4 basics, find the one(s) that you’re naturally good at, and work on improving your abilities as much as possible. Explore your true capabilities.

When you’re working with your new team members, make sure they understand what’s expected of them. Help them to work on all 4 of the basic skills. Be alert as to what they seem to be naturally good at, and guide them into developing their talents to their fullest potential.


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