Hold the vision to change the belief by Mary K Weinhagen

Mary K WeinhagenYou hear it all the time… belief matters!

Oh sure, some say they have to ‘see it to believe it’.

Some claim ‘Believing is Seeing’.

Keep in mind that a belief is a thought you keep thinking. When you think a thought often enough it becomes a habit and you start believing it’s true.


I say it’s quite critical to your success for you to believe in yourself and your success and I suggest the first step to building belief lies in playing with your belief habits.

believingIn other words, you might want to first look at your habits of disbelief. After all, the kind of habits you’ve had until now have gotten you to where you are today. Your habits of disbelief are limiting what’s possible for you. It’s time to balance your scales.

The way to do this is to create a new, grander vision of yourself and your life.

Yes, we can balance the scale with new habits by envisioning ourselves engaged in the new habit and exploring what it feels like. Let’s say you have created a habit of thinking that meeting new people is ‘hard’. Your habit has now become a belief you hold that says “meeting new people is hard.”

Suddenly you find yourself excited about building a network marketing business and within a few days of joining you realize that networking means… oh oh… you will need to meet new people to expand your network. Up pops the limiting belief and you hear yourself muttering, “Oh man, this is gonna be hard! I don’t know if I can do that!”

How are you going to change that habit of belief?

You might start with a combination of observation and imagination. Watch someone you admire in the business. Notice how comfortable they seem to be when meeting new people. Notice how those new people respond to them. Now imagine yourself being at ease with putting other’s at ease just like you saw done by the other person. Imagine how it feels when this new person sighs with relief that someone is willing to talk with them, or leans in with appreciation to hear what you are sharing or asking them. Picture what it looks like, how you feel, what it sounds like, with a sense of appreciation for having met one more fellow traveler on this journey of life.

Remembering that picture in your mind is the process to alter your habit of belief.


Yes, even though you’re just imagining them right now, your mind accepts them as if they are real experiences that you are simply remembering. You’re balancing the scales, adding new images, new pictures of your new beliefs.

Keep in mind that your mind works in geometric progression too… it will just keep multiplying the number of times you ‘remember’ the experience. The more you let yourself ‘relive’ the image, the quicker the scales will tip the other way. They’ve already started swinging the other way with the first visualization. And with a bit of momentum… swinging in the new, and opposite, positive direction… you’ll change your actions in direct proportion to the changing scales… to your changing habit of belief!

So, before you think about setting goals, then trying to believe you can reach them, why not make a list describing all of the habits of belief you’d like to create first. Post the list someplace you will see them every day. Maybe in your day planner, on the fridge, near the bathroom mirror, or the dashboard of your car. Just get in the habit of reading them at least twice a day. When you can, during the day, pick one out, read a sentence or paragraph, close your eyes for a moment and imagine a picture of you doing that, or being that. Breathe it in deeply. Hold the vision. And before you know it, your new beliefs will lead to a new life.

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