How did Domino’s Pizza learn from the Past to Improve their Future Success Rate? By David Feinstein

Domino’s happens to be a decent pizza chain that almost went bankrupt back in 2010.

A radical change brought in Patrick Doyle, causing massive changes to recipes and corporate promises to the way employees are trained and treated. The biggest step was listening to their customers’ input about their pizzas. Without customers, a business is nothing but a hangout place. Besides these changes and the risk-taking with the new ad campaign, how can a small business improve itself for future success?

Listen, Experiment, Adjust and Try again

The biggest key to learn here is to listen to your people. Those who have subscribed, view, leave comments, or just abandon your website. All of these and more happen to be signals that you can analyze for future campaigns. If someone leaves or signs up for your newsletter, this can tell you that your call to actions are doing good and that your material is hitting some of the marks.

Even if the visitors don’t sign up or leave a comment. This can help you make some adjustments to the call to actions or material associated with the given campaign or page. If your tracking results through Google Analytics, or some other versions, (you should be) you can use the data to improve your content. This does not mean making radical changes in large amounts but be conservative and only change some elements. Keep a record of what you changed, so don’t forget to change it later.

Adjust your content to suit your user experience. The better user experience that a person has, they tend to stay longer on the page. Adjust in small steps and keep a record of what you do change. In case the second version does worse than the original. Compare the results, run a month-long trial at least to get some data. One or two-day runs are not enough. They just don’t produce numbers that you need to measure. Don’t forget to snapshot your previous benchmark so you can compare it to the one later.

If one experiment fails, adjust and try again. Don’t give up, something will work. Always remember to check the data and look at your promotional efforts. How often are you sharing your content? Don’t be afraid to give out something good for those cold prospects. This is the only way to segment the hot from the cold. Even fishing takes time and the right combination of bait and tackle.

Better Pizza, Better Results

Domino’s had no idea that their new outlook would bring in a greater amount of success than they previously had. They took a big risk, but it was worth it. Even small risks can bring danger, but it can also mean huge returns. Don’t be scared to try a small risk, or even a big one to attract new people to your business. Those risks can teach you many things, and you can adjust your marketing to be a bit bolder if need be. Make a better pizza for better results.

David Feinstein
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