How do I know I am an entrepreneur? By Cody Wasial

What prompts, over the years of employment, lent me a hand in realizing that my mindset was different?

Have you ever had a boss say to you; “well you do it then if you think you can do better” or “by all means if you think you can do it better?”

I have had many bosses say this to me anytime I would try to suggest a different way to approach something or bring fresh ideas to the table. Although my respect for my bosses kept me from saying what I was always thinking, it didn’t stop me from knowing that I could, in fact, do it better. Even if my ‘better’ failed I would keep pivoting and adjusting accordingly until success was met.

I question everything, I view things differently, I always want to try things outside the proverbial box which most things are built around. Sure, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but we can certainly improve it by decorating it by changing its spokes, making it thicker or thinner, shiny, or dull.  

Anytime something is put in my path it always is left in better shape than when I got it. 

These questions, this puzzle-solving, this constant desire to make things even better, to create over and over and outside the box. That is the difference between an employee mindset vs an entrepreneur. 

I am beyond grateful to have listened to my entrepreneur mind and heart, the nectar of life tastes just a little sweeter this way.

Have you taken a moment today to glance at the sky and ponder what amazing things your mind and heart can do together as one? 

“It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen” – Scott Belsky

Cody Wasial
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