How does Happy Leads mean Serious Success? By David Feinstein

If you can make your prospects and your team happy then you can be sure that success is coming.

At the moment let’s take a look at how to make your team happy. A happy team consists of open communication with ideas and problems. They can feel like they can talk to you about any concern or offer ideas as needed. They are properly trained and well-equipped with the Knowledge and Skills. They are willing to go the extra mile without complaint. So, should you go the extra mile to help them to help you achieve success?

What are happy prospects?

What are happy prospects? Are they fawning over your content and sharing it with everybody they know? Do they leave comments and thumbs up or likes aren’t on your Facebook pages or Twitter? Happy prospects trying to do most of these things tend to become lifetime fans of a particular brand. They tend to purchase more often when new products come out, I would love to flaunt their new items. They will recommend a particular brand to their family and friends.

How do you make prospects happy? It’s the little things that you do that can make them happy. It’s by focusing on their needs, fears, or wants in life. Every piece of content that you design underemployed on social media should start a conversation. There are many different types of content that you can deploy without sounding like an android robot. Don’t forget that collecting and ensuring other content is a means of content development.

How content can make your prospects happy?

The Content that you develop and deploy can make your prospects happy. If your posts educate, entertain or do a combination then they should make your prospects happy. However, you can’t post generic content and expect great results. So, every post that you decide to design should draw in your prospects with eye-catching graphics. The text should be easy to read and simple but should be able to expand your brand.

 There is an 80/20 rule where you talked about yourself 20% of the time and curate 80% of other content. There are many types of content that you can curate. Some examples include videos, articles, blogs, newsletters, and much more. The other 20% or so you can design as you see fit as long as you know it’s the best it can be.

Final words of wisdom

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David Feinstein
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