How Hands-On Training Creates Long Term Success for Small Teams By David Feinstein

How Hands-On Training Creates Long Term Success for Small Teams

Business success stems from the continued development of their teams and marketing strategy.

For small teams to achieve success quicker and on a larger scale, two things need to be addressed. The first one is the desire to develop a training program that offers the hands-on capability. The second point is the individual must have a desire to keep improving themselves. They must be willing to accept mistakes and have the skill to shake it off and try again.

Creating a hands-on course encourages life learning and personal growth

The biggest element to worry about when creating a hands-on course is the fact that it needs to teach personal transparency and responsibility. It needs to encourage while explaining technical concepts without making the student feel bad about themselves. The course should be challenging enough without causing friction for you or the student. Nothing is perfect, but the major kinks will need to be fixed.

Personal growth can be taught as long it doesn’t destroy the effort to teach the necessary skills. This can be an individual side course outside of the main course that teaches and encourages honesty, transparency, life learning skills, and other skills that are not deemed as a primary business skill. In some cases, both primary and secondary skills may be able to be wrapped up in one course. Whatever you decide to do, you can always improve upon your initial concept later on.

Creating the Coursework that teaches core skills for success.

When creating coursework for the team, numerous tools may offer a great benefit for them. The creator can make quizzes, videos, worksheets, and guides. Other tools include feedback from the students on individual videos, live lessons, and interactive tools that you can use for members. You can gate all of this material behind a login screen, so the general public will not have access to the content.

If you do not have the time to “grade” the returned material, you can also create answer keys that the individual can download later to check their answers. Don’t forget the power of podcasts, they can help the ones who do better with audio material. Artificial Intelligence tools are getting better and may offer an option as a mentor for those who need a lot of one on one time. It can also “grade” assignments and coursework, thus giving you an ability to “certify” your teammates.

Tools for lifetime success

Whatever tools you decide to implement in your business. Your team will always need to have the drive to focus on self-improvement. They will need the confidence and your trust to achieve results that mean something. You can build your team from the best, but without the right material, they won’t be able to have long term success that they need. Your long-term success depends on how you create and implement tools for your team. Weak tools will destroy teams, good planning and tools will deliver results every time.


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