How I make my products by Leonard Sonnenschein

Every product I invent, manufacture and distribute begins with Love, Kindness, and the desire to Serve.

What people need comes through word of mouth and customer interaction.  Finding this is the first step. 

Next comes what is the best knowledge of what natural ingredients can meet the needs.  And then source the individual products and manufacture a test batch or batches to evaluate the perfection of the formulation from peoples’ responses. 

Optimizations such as product quality, bioavailability, ingredient synergy, and improved formulation performance are key initial drivers.

  • Based on the inputs from testers, marketers, and consumers, a product is now ready to be manufactured. 
  • We have 2 GMP manufacturing outlets: 1 Small batch and 2 Large batches. 
  • Labels must then be designed according to legal guidelines with all of the necessary consumer information. 
  • Data sheets are then made to include the experiential information, dosing, ingredients, nutritional, and dosing guidelines.

Each product is designed, tested, and manufactured with the same Love and Care that went into the formulation and is on its way to the consumer.

Each product, while specific to the functionality it’s designed for, is naturally sourced with experience synergy planned. This means its interactability, must be considered to our other products, other potential medication interactions, and people’s lifestyles.

Our products often become part of complex protocols to help people change their metabolism.  Harmony, purpose, care, and benefit are all part of the evaluation process that continues beyond the manufacturing process and, indeed, affects the future in all aspects. 

Throughout the process, science is involved in supporting the formulation, laboratory studies, and consumer uses. 

Consideration is given to organic production, farmer benefits, ecosystem benefits, educational and instructional opportunities, quality controls, distribution, and ultimately the consumer.

Our customers, like us, are part of a value chain that we respect and confirm at every step of the way from the original sources all the way to the consumer.  Some of the day-to-day occurrences include multistakeholder evaluations, at each level of product production such as what are the education, economics, and benefits at the producers’ village level, regulatory requirements, sustainability goals, and business aspects. 

When one of our products reaches the consumer literally hundreds of people have been engaged at some level.  

We give support to each level of the production realizing the circularity, not only “what goes around, comes around” but also to know we leave where we have been and are being in betterment to where we started.

The phrase “Love All, Serve All” has true meaning to EVERYTHING we do.  We hope that every reader will JOIN US  in our mission to SAVE THE PLANET THROUGH SAVING OURSELVES.

Leonard Sonnenschein
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