“The one thing I know for certain is that we will all become Better, if we just remain faithful as to Who we are, Who we serve, and WHY.”

As the newly appointed Editor and executive assistant to the Network Marketing Magazine, I get the pleasure of pre-reading all of the awesome advice that comes through from our contributing authors.

Writing my own article this month was particularly challenging for me and as always; I will remain as transparent as possible with my readers as to why I felt this particular theme was difficult for me to write about.

It’s not like I walk around doubting my blessings and my growth; after all, I have such great mentors in my new social circle!  I mean, my goodness, I even have the Founder of The Network Marketing Magazine as my own personal business coach!

So what was keeping me from feeling like I am “Better Now” than I was, last year?

 Reading everyone’s articles, I agreed with every single one! I have practiced every advice that was shared this month, for years! I believe in the power of positive thinking and meditations. I practice the act of “resetting that power button” every morning for a FRESH promising start to my networking…but for some reason I had allowed myself to become my own worst enemy by “COMPARING” myself to the other Successful Women and Moms out there.  I mean, we really have some incredibly strong and dynamic contributing authors and female mentors for our readers and members to the 27% Success Membership!  After taking a closer look at what my “writer’s block” was, I came to realize and accept that I was not any different from these successful Divas and Gentlemen, I just got started later than they did!

So, instead of trying to “ADD” to the professional advise, I have decided to share my “take-away” that helped me define the “Better Me” for TheNetworkMarketingMagazine’s August Theme, “A Better You”.

 As the “Poster Child” for the 27%’er Members, I understand the importance for validation wherever in the “Success” bracket that a Networker might be in.  I feel very fortunate to be in an editor’s position and be able to glean from the wisdom and success of those who, like me, would wake up early in their career and wonder when that “Better Them” would happen.  The one thing I know for certain is that we will all become “better”, if we just remain faithful to who we are, who we serve and why.

 Upon editing one article, I was reminded as to how I tend to always allow my inner child to get the best of me by replaying thoughtless and presumably harmless opinions thrown my way by the valued and important adults in my life, those memories are like discouraging tattoos that have been etched in my soul and heart for years!

My entrepreneurial journey has been a complete cycle of 17 years full of wonder, amazement but even MORE discouraging moments! All the while my faith simply grew every time I opened the bible and allowed God to speak to me through HIS word.

The last 7 years has been an epic record of trials and tribulations as a Network Marketer.  In 2010, I received my first calling to create a business name, SynergyPays, in a prophetic dream and was told that I would be writing about My Story for HIS Glory in a blog.

 I truly thought I had “MADE IT” as my place in God’s Favor. But MY GOODNESS, the journey just got TOUGHER!  WHY??

 Three years ago, on my birthday, I accepted the calling to be “baptized” in a Sunday ceremony at Church.  I became a child of God 100% and the more I became “educated” on the history found in the bible, the more that I started to realize that I had a lot in common with many of the people that God used as “instruments” for HIS sacred synergy here on earth.

 Transparency time, the people that I speak of were NOT the people that I can be “proud” to resonate with…HOWEVER…

God has a way of revealing who we truly are through those passages in the Bible and it really is up to us to “OWN UP” to the TRUTH intimately with HIM and then HE allows the TRUTH to set us free when we simply say


 The beautiful thing that I have learned in this past year is that GOD is not going to condemn us if we screw up. HE will simply allow us to become BETTER at our promise to HIM.  He forgives and guides and even will reveal things about our current situation that will become better if we choose to trust HIM when HE calls us to do the uncomfortable.

It will be almost a year now in August that I chose to be a Single Mom. The love that my husband and I had for each other was a deadly one. He was suicidal and I kept that as a secret in the name of respect and love.  Personal Development through books and therapy and yes even the Bible made me realize that it was time to do what would be considered “Brave”.

We needed each other to “survive” or so we thought.  We were miserable as a couple yet we loved each other. God slowly revealed to me that it was time to let HIM work out the plan for our BETTER future.

After 30 years of marriage, I chose to walk away and let GOD show us both that we can stand on HIS promise of provisions, blessings and favor.

I won’t lie to you; this year has been the HARDEST year of my adult life!

I was starting to blame myself as the reason that I was not feeling as though I am a better person this year yet.  I had been waking up discouraged for many more days than I am willing to admit!  The disappointment of not feeling like I was “Better this year than I was Last Year” kept me from wanting to even write an article for the month of August!  As only God would have it, I heard the very message that I needed to hear at church.

  I AM A BETTER ME because of that Journey that I have been on for the last 17 years!  And HERE’S WHY:

 The pastor reminded us about how something definitely happens in us when we allow the Spirit of God to dwell in our hearts.  There is definitely a transformation that takes place, however, just because God is with us, does not necessarily mean that Life will become easy! WOW!  Did THAT hit home or what!  It was like God was just waiting for me to come to HIM that morning to tell me this, personally!

 Reflecting on how Moses was not exactly sure why God had set him up to confront the Pharaoh with God’s message; I have to say that at times, I feel like Moses, as I find myself still struggling to be a strong influencer to create “change” in people’s hearts.

The important take away is that I need to remember that God is still working on the “ME” even when I don’t see the results yet.   All I really need to do is remain faithful in my service for the Lord.  Anyone who receives what I have to share becomes a “Better Person” for it, but it is not just “UP TO ME” or because of ME ~ I am still becoming “better” as well.

As a result of a BETTER understanding of what my calling and purpose is, I learned that the wait in the promise of a “BETTER ME” is part of the plan and definitely worth it!

 So have I become a “Better Me?” ~ YES!

 I am a Better Friend to my soul mate (my ex-husband) that is now living in Mexico and discovering God on God’s terms.  He is obviously alive and well and not even taking as many medications for depression! He thanks me and we communicate weekly on the progress of living life as separate adults who love each other enough to allow Spiritual Maturity to happen without getting in each other’s way.

I am a Better Mom, who can now focus on the social maturity of my boys as they are discovering that Mom is strong enough to make tough decisions for the sake of the health of our family.  I can demonstrate Strength of Character, as I walk in Faith, which is also an important element by demonstrating integrity to our kids.

I am a better Network Marketer!  God even revealed to me that I was ready to represent HIM in business.

My promotion in network marketing so to speak.  God actually has HIS OWN Network Marketing Plan for any of us who choose to accept?

 Go figure! Who Knew!! It was in HIS plan all along and Jesus was the first to introduce it!

I now get to “refer” people to the Lord as “God’s personal affiliate” with a membership called Scriptures4Us and I have even obediently stripped away all other “brands” and identities, to simply call my new found business,

Here are the things that I still need to work on to be a BETTER ME in Network Marketing:

  • I can still be my own worst enemy by keeping phone networking conversations for far too long; HOWEVER, I can still smile after every phone call and know that every conversation just gets me closer to becoming a BETTER and faithful Networker for Jesus.

  • I will also work harder at NOT comparing myself to anyone; our journeys have been “hand picked” just for us!

So my professional advice is this:  Read our articles this month!

Here are just 3 great examples of what you will learn to become “Better” at what whatever you do!


  •  Our newest 27% Success Leader, Amy McKenzie’s article instructed me to TURN OFF THE STATIC and to stop listening to what the little girl in me has been replaying in my head over and over again!

  • I had fun reading the established author, Michael York, as he “shamelessly plugged”(*his words) his book, The 10 Commitments.  The advice that he drives home is that “Getting Better Takes Time”.  “Time is not for sale and cannot be bought at any price.” So use it wisely and enjoy every minute of the day! Carpe Diem Michael!

  • The highly respected contributing author by the name of Clifton H. Jolley, Ph.D.  reminds us that  “It is not supposed to be about ‘ME’”!    His advice is create BETTER Others as we share our business daily and it will just make us BETTER without really even trying.    BRILLIANT!

 I would love for you to share your thoughts with me at the bottom of my article as to how YOU have become a BETTER YOU by reading this month’s edition.

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Just because all good things come to an end. We NEVER HAVE TO STOP GETTING BETTER!





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