How Much Change and Pivoting Do We Need by Dr. Roger Boger

Change – It has been said that the only thing that’s constant is change.

An original quote paraphrased from the  Greek philosopher, Heraclitus. The actual quote is “ Change is the only constant in life”.

Know this, the access to knowledge is changing via the use of internet technology.

David Schilling has stated that human knowledge is on average, doubling every 13 months and according to IBM, “the build-out of knowledge out of the internet of things will lead to the doubling of knowledge every 12 hours ( and that was nine years ago ).

So, how does that impact us today? According to information found in The Seven Mega Trends content, advances in technology have followed some of the above predictions and opened incredible opportunities for individuals, including worldwide reach, infinite leverage, greater impact, and unlimited wealth – from home!

Consequently, there is a MASS MIGRATION to remote work and home-based business due to the disruption, displacement, dissatisfaction, and dehumanization in the workplace.

Now, we all pretty much know or, are at least, marginally aware of those trends- esp. if you have seen The Seven Mega Trends piece…..But, as we continuously clamber to engage with our market targets niches- or “pivot” as is the frequently used term for those behavioral changes, remember this: beneath all the technology,  the root of the human experience and the subconscious mind still presides over adaptation and acceptance behavior.

The direct human contact…..face to face and, at least a zoom call, helps with this and in an even more recent “ pivot”. Personal interaction, which used to be called in the profession, “belly to belly”. People starve for and miss direct human interaction.

So, what can we do about that as evolving professionals?  Revisit NLP( neuro-linguistic programming). Know that only about 17% of the human communication dynamic is verbal…..the rest are gestures, body language and clues picked up subconsciously and intuitively.

Yes, you may reach more numbers of people re the products you’re selling, BUT remember this: YOU are the product in this profession, You are the brand, so treat yourself and others with the ultimate respect and pivot toward the face to face interaction/ conversations. People miss that and want it back!

To your future Success….BE the product that people seek…be real!

Roger Boger
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