How people and technology shape one another by David Feinstein

Throughout history people and technology have often defined one another. In the bronze age, forged items brought about many changes. In the iron age, there were major changes in technology and in everyday life. The steam and steel ages brought industrial strength and transportation. Now in the computer age, software and hardware are influencing people to do more.

People are designing programs and hardware to save time and reduce time in all walks of life.

Embracing technology without compromising ethical beliefs

While technology is useful, it is important not to allow it to compromise our ethical code. Strong personal beliefs are important to running a viable business. Keeping true can challenge the best of us, especially when the road gets rocky. Computer technology can make it tempting to push aside our morals. While people have done so already, it does not mean that you have to. Your ability to remain faithful to hardworking is not changed, unless you allow it to be. Software and other components should make life easier for us.

Personal morals are different than business ones, however, to be truly exceptional, the core code is usually similar to the business model. Even though they should have differences to separate one from another. If someone chooses to compromise their code business for whatever reason, they may do it again. Consider embezzlement of funds and the consequences on a moral and legal stage. It may not be as bad as that, but giving up on some moral ground can devastate the mind in the long run.

Here are some issues that some mlm marketers can face during their careers. The first issue is using article spinning software. While it can save time, it does compromise the quality of the material. One issue is stealing content, even borrowing it and providing citations to original authors. Some people take the content and spin it, which is never a good idea. Any form of plagiarism is not acceptable. The lack of first to be honest will destroy a reputation.

Final thoughts on tech and human interaction

Human and technology can work hand in hand to improve life.

Some people will fall and compromise and others will never falter. Making mistakes happen, but to overcome them is divinely inspired. Creating a personal code can guide you. Not having a code may cause people to stumble or hesitate in their business.

 How people and technology shape one another by David Feinstein


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