How Retail Sales are good for Network Marketing Businesses By David Feinstein

Networkers can take full advantage of retail sales to boost their income. Just like any retailer, marketers have to plan and organize their products. They will also need to figure out what channels to share the products on. There are considerations but will be discussed later. Unlike retailers, the main business that a networking pro focuses on is the business opportunity. Retailers’ core goal is to generate sales from their product lines.

What products to consider and how to build interest for them

There are millions of products, but many will not be a good fit for a marketing business. It does not mean that a product isn’t suitable as a gift or for a special event. The main consideration when selecting a product is deciding what purpose will it be used for. Will it be a gift or as a door prize? Just to name two audience-building methods. Some products can be for fun. They can provide character to the business and establish one as a forward thinker. Other products can educate and train others in a specific area.

It is wise to start off small and focus on implementing the product into the marketing plan. Try not to go more than three products at a time. Unless there is a sense of experience or comfort. When marketing such products, the marketer has to consider what channels to use, frequency of promoting, and messaging associated with the product.

Food for Thought: Some Product Ideas both digital and physical

Now here are some ideas to explore that may inspire other retail ideas. The biggest seller is eBooks and is followed by podcasts. They are digital downloads that can be made into a physical format. They can be developed at home without expensive tools. Videos are popular as well and can be transferred to a DVD. Not expensive to do, but good equipment can be costly.

Some physical products include coffee mugs, pens, books, and other merchandise. There are plenty of promotional product sites that allow one to create product lines and sell them. The site will handle the shipping of the products and may cost a small fee. The greatest advantage of these sites is that there are nearly endless amounts of products that can be customized. The account holder will have to market the products themselves, so, the potential to create a passive residue income is great. One can create a branded shop on their page and create call-to-action buttons on their other pages and blog.

Pricing and Words of Encouragement

When pricing a product, a little research is needed. Check out other sites that offer similar items. Introductory prices work well for a short time. Special offers and other techniques can help provide pricing intelligence. If one product does not do well. it may need some reworking or a different venue. Keep experimenting with messaging and do not lose focus on the main business. It’s easy to give up. It takes real heart to keep going and a willingness to deal with the tough times. Stay strong and focused on creating information that is useful for the betterment of others.

David Feinstein
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