How Social Networking Changed Marketing Forever by David Feinstein

Social media has differently changed things in the last decade.

Social sites like Facebook and Twitter have moved the power of decision making from companies to the people.

This “social” revolution has not been terrible for every business, it differently helped small businesses compete with larger ones. Twitter forced people and companies to come together through micro blogging. All types of information can be shared quickly and efficiently. So, companies of all industries had to refocus their marketing in a different direction, hence the birth of content marketing. Thus, forever destroying corporate control.

How can I leverage Social Media for Business?

While Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram have left their defining marks on marketing and sales, you can still leverage these sites through proper understanding and timing. The first step to getting your business going forward with social marketing is to understand where your audience is. What does your audience want to know? How can you deliver this information? How often will you deploy such information on these sites? These questions should lay down the foundation for your marketing plan.

Content marketing relies heavily on your knowledge about your prospects.

You shouldn’t post on LinkedIn if your audience is on Facebook. Research your audience and pick one or more social sites to try before committing large resources into cultivating them into earned channels. Once you have selected the sites, you will also need to consider the types of content that you want to share and the format the site offers as well.

Sometimes to build a functional presence on these sites, you may need to spend some live time.

Interaction is key, don’t buy your followers but earn them through great content and interaction.

Content and Interaction leads to Social Media businesses

Two of the most powerful weapons in your business are interaction and content. You can curate content and create it for sales and marketing. Social sites are great for promotional efforts and to build up a community. Community building on Facebook and other sites are recent additions for companies. In this capacity, you can control the type of content that is shared and you can foster healthy relationships in a group environment. This is a “lead farming” scenario that is proving to be worth its merit, but the downside is the cost in man hours and other resources. Getting it to start is also difficult as well. This the power of social media in its basic form. Use it well.

  How Social Networking Changed Marketing Forever by David Feinstein


David Feinstein


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