How The TAPROOT SYSTEM Can Lead Your Team To Massive Success by Matt DiMaio

If you want your team to follow you, you must lead by your own good example.

Merely teaching others what to do never translates into being an effective leader. It doesn’t matter whether you are telling them from the stage, during an online meeting, or in a personal situation.  Ultimately, whether you’re giving instructions, teaching lessons, making suggestions, or telling motivational stories, it really just amounts to little more than a bunch of “hot air”.

If you are serious about being an effective leader, you must show others what to do. You must demonstrate through your own actions how to build a successful business.

The TAPROOT SYSTEM may be the single-most effective technique you can employ to ensure faster enrollment of multiple reps, while at the same time demonstrating to your reps how you deliver on your promise of supporting them.

Here is a picture to help you visualize the reason for the name of this system.  Observe the shape of an actual taproot.  In just a moment you’ll see how to apply this powerful natural phenomenon to your own organization.

First let me describe the big mistake most reps make. (Are you guilty of doing this?)

They personally sponsor a bunch of people and put them all on their first level.

As a result, their organization looks like a pancake.  It is wide, but it is very flat.  There’s no depth.

As a result, your activities will be similar to a hamster running on a wheel. 

You’re engaged in a lot of activity, but you’re not getting anywhere. 

When you have an organization with no depth, it is very easy for the people you sponsored to drop out, because they don’t have anyone underneath them.  They don’t have a team, and there’s little reason for them to stay engaged.

The TAPROOT SYSTEM works with all the different ways you may connect with potential new reps:

#1 Warm Market

#2 Leads

#3 Social Media

Referrals from the 3 previous categories

Often, you’ll have made presentations to any number of people who have not yet made the commitment to join your business.  Using the TAPROOT SYSTEM will motivate them to make the decision to get started now.

With the TAPROOT SYSTEM, you are employing powerfully effective psychological motivation for new people to join.  That’s because you are providing both the advantage of having Something To Gain, as well as creating substantial Fear Of Loss.

Here’s the system:

STEP ONE.  You have just enrolled a new rep.  However, you will not place them in your organization, or submit their forms to the company just yet. You will hold their enrollment and use it as a way to motivate others to join.

STEP TWO. You will reach out to one of your prospects whom you feel was close to joining but just needed an extra ‘push’.  Offer to place your newest recruit under them if they join right now.  Once they make the commitment, you will not place them in your organization but will repeat the same process you did previously.

STEP THREE. You will reach out to your next most likely prospect, and do the same thing as you did above. This time you will offer to place both people underneath their spot. 

You will continue this way until you have a new ‘leg’ or ‘Taproot’ with several people in that downline.  With the last person, you will work with the others in that line to begin placing new recruits downline from them.

Now go back and take another look at the image of the actual taproot.  You’ll see that there are also smaller roots that begin to grow from the sides of the main root.  That process continues over and over.

Here’s one more way to get the TAPROOT system to work for you. 

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Matt DiMaio
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