How to Align Your Character with Your Business by Stacey Hall

So many network marketers sell out on themselves and cause misalignment with their business by buying into the stigma that staying in your comfort zone means you are stuck, lazy, or non-motivated.

For decades, sales ‘gurus’ have taught the myth that to make progress and be successful in selling you need to feel ‘uneasy’ and stressed. 

They also say that when you are stressed you will have increased focus, creativity, drive, and productivity.

Also, it is common to hear from these same trainers that the brain is lazy and wants to keep you safe. Therefore, ignoring your mind and taking risks will show you what you are “really made of!”

They teach you must be pushy, and assertive, and be ready to deal with NO’s to be victorious like they are.

They draw upon guerrilla warfare terminology to make their point.  They say war does ‘make the man.’

I say they are teaching myths because stress, fear, and perceived danger have actually been proven to produce the ‘fight or flight response’!

According to psychologist Carolyn Fisher, PhD., “The fight or flight response, or stress response, is triggered by a release of hormones either prompting us to stay and fight or run away and flee, During the response, all bodily systems are working to keep us alive in what we’ve perceived as a dangerous situation.  Living in a prolonged state of high alert and stress (when there isn’t any real reason for it) can be detrimental to your physical and mental health.”

Common negative effects on the body and mind caused by the ‘fight or flight response’ to stress and fear are:

1  Increased heart rate and blood pressure
2  Pale or flushed skin – you could be feeling cold and clammy or hot and sweaty because blood flow is being redirected throughout the body.
3  Feeling ‘on edge’ – your senses are heightened because you are on guard with your surroundings. You feel tense and ‘twitchy’.
4 Memory can be altered or lost
5 Loss of bowel control

Forgive me.  I personally don’t think any of these responses to stress and fear sound like they actually lead to greater confidence and productivity.

Do you?

Simply the fear of failure and the anxiety created by the risk is much greater than the possible rewards they perceive they will receive by doing so.

Further, stress and anxiety lead to low self-esteem and dissatisfaction with our life, which leads to relationship problems, addictions, more anxiety, and depression according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Clearly, stress does NOT equal success!

Alignment with Our Core Values Produces Success

I did a survey of hundreds of home business owners. I asked how many feel it is important to get out of their comfort zone to be successful. The overwhelming majority agreed with that statement.

However — when I asked how many are willing to be out of alignment with their core values — the response was 100% that they would not be willing to be out of alignment!

What this tells me is that they bought into the myth that they must “get out of their own way.”

Yet, their innate self knows that attempting to do or be something they are not creating internal conflict and angst.

And really…how could someone ever ‘get out of their own way’? 

Only by going the way we are meant to go can we stay in alignment and be truly successful!

If it appears that others are successful in accomplishing something they have never done before, it is only because the amount they stretched was still inside their circumference of comfort. They were still in alignment with their values and ‘calling.’

I teach my clients to tap into the personal power that is only available within our comfort zone of core values and personality traits.

Power and confidence come from a feeling that we know what to do and what we can count on from ourselves.  It is a familiar, safe and secure place from which we continue to take action.

Anxiety and stress are at minimum levels making us feel free to move forward.

We feel confident our skills can be a contribution to others. This becomes another source of internal satisfaction.

It is easier to create habits and routines, which support us.

Mental health experts agree that being self-satisfied improves our mental well-being. The sense of satisfaction allows our brain to release dopamine and serotonin into our system. These are known as the ‘feel good’ hormones.

Some of the many positive mental ‘symptoms’ that are reported when people feel a sense of satisfaction are:

1  Improved mood
2  Increased attentiveness and focus
3  Increased productivity and creativity
4  Improved analytical skills
5 Increased motivation

Now, this sounds like factors that do actually contribute to success!

Do you agree?

And there are physical benefits too, such as:

1. Improved sleep, which contributes to all other physical benefits
2. Improved digestion (no more ‘eating our gut out’ with worries)
3. Strengthened immune system (again, this means increased productivity)
4. Longer lifespan (and the desire to live and be productive longer)

All of these benefits produce a sense of being in control of our own life. 

And once we are no longer selling our own skills short, we are more likely to feel confident and powerful in selling our products and services.

This is why being in alignment with our core values leads to success.

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Stacey Hall
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